You may be in the process of a first-time hair loss solution search or be a long-time existing hair-wearer who is fed up with delays and searching for a new hair replacement provider. The great news is, no matter which category you find yourself in, you are about to discover life-changing, valuable information about a brand-new restoration product that only exclusive hair replacement providers (like us) are currently privy to.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected production time and availability of hair replacement systems for women and caused long delays elsewhere and has also driven many smaller hair replacement service providers out of business. Even the most nationally recognized “club” chain for hair replacement has struggled to provide for their “clients.” The current eight-to-twelve-month production times for most hair system providers have added to an already stressful reality because for hair loss sufferers, hair is such an essential part of our physical and emotional well-being.

True Leadership Arises Through Adversity

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, however, we have stayed ahead of the COVID curve and maintained a more than 99% on-time delivery of hair systems for our Elite Guests because of the strong relationships we have with our suppliers over almost 23 years of business. Of all of the hair loss solution providers in the world, we are pleased to announce that one legendary company has just stepped up their game and responded to the current challenges in a big way.

Replace, Restore, & Resolve Your Hair Loss…Fast!

As your Sacramento resource for hair loss information, education, and world-class restorative solutions, it is with a great sense of pride that Elite Hair Loss Solutions can officially announce, that your stress and concern for receiving your fully customized non-surgical hair replacement on time every time, ends today. We are pleased to be able to bring to you a truly exceptional product from world-renowned hair loss solution innovator Jon Renau that will restore your confidence, your essence…and your freedom.

The Cheveaux European Remy Direct-Inject System by Jon Renau is the high-end European hair replacement system you’ve been waiting for. After all, every woman’s individual hair loss needs often requires vastly different solutions, so having a single product that is fully customizable to your pattern (or degree) of hair loss, allows us to design your hair replacement system to your exact specifications and needs.. Whether you are experiencing frontal fibrosing alopecia, alopecia totalis, or anything in between, the new Cheveaux Direct-Inject can resolve your hair loss one and for all.


What is Direct-Inject?

It’s important to understand that Cheveaux Direct-Inject is NOT a surgical procedure, but a technology that precisely and expeditiously injects human hair into the base material membrane to create these state-of-the-art hair systems. The innovative production advancements provide for a natural and consistent hair density through precise hair distribution in the direct-inject application process. The results, are remarkable. Jon Renau’s Cheveaux Direct-Inject not only provides the luxurious hair quality we always seek, but the restorative flexibility we all need. The resulting product is the delightful culmination of technology, beauty, and art.

Jon Renau’s Cheveaux Remy Direct-Inject Benefits:

  • Exquisite European Remy Human Hair
  • New Advanced Direct Inject Technology
  • 6” to 16” Hair Lengths
  • Ultimate Density Flexibility
  • Natural & Precise Hair Distribution
  • No Knots
  • Three Base Materials to Select From
  • 100% Fully Customized for a Precise Fit
  • Flexible Sizing – Front Hairline to Full-Cap Capabilities
  • Super-Fast Production Turn Around Time
  • No Shaving is Required
  • Won’t Damage Your Existing Hair
  • Long Lasting Wear
  • World-Renowned Jon Renau Quality

Customized Hair - Six Times Faster!

The eight-month (34.76 weeks) minimum (at-best) turnaround time consumers have experienced over the last two years for a single hair replacement system have been taxing and frustrating. The Cheveaux Direct-Inject technology has cut that time down to just 10 to 12 weeks! Because of our long-time professional affiliation with Jon Renau, we’ve been assured that Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guests will receive special production advancement for their Cheveaux Direct-Inject orders with only an unheard-of 6-week turnaround time! Elite Hair Loss Solutions is honored to be one of the very first hair loss centers worldwide to be able to bring this exceptional hair system to you! This order advancement will only take place for a limited time, so the time to act is now.

This is the top-level, rapid turnaround, customized hair restoration product we have been waiting for and we are so excited to present it to you! Your journey to realizing your own Cheveaux Direct-Inject System by Jon Renau begins with a private, complimentary no-obligation consultation appointment. Please contact us today to schedule, so we may help you realize the vision of what you want your hair to be through our skilled hands and a hair restoration artist’s eye.