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American Hairlines Wigs = 100% Eastern European Remy Luxury

American Hairlines makes it easy to create a completely natural transition from partial to full hair replacement. 100% Eastern European Human Hair Wigs takes exceptional wig style one giant step further to resolve hair loss whether from chemotherapy, alopecia at any stage, or complete hair loss. It's real, lush, luxurious hair that's effortless to take care of. With natural hair growth patterns, an ultra-thin base, and no bumps or ridges, an American Hairlines Eastern European Human Hair Wig is undetectable -- even to the touch!


American Hairlines has given us 40 years of unsurpassed style, unmatched quality, and continuous innovation. Famous for developing true-to-life hair restoration methods that are designed specifically for women, American Hairlines has done it yet again. Designed or women experiencing moderate to total hair loss, we're delighted to feature their incredible collection of 100% Eastern European Remy Human Hair Wigs. This line of incredibly life-like wigs takes all the benefits of Virtuésse hair restoration, and combines them with full coverage that's comfortable, secure, and undetectable. As a certified American Hairlines hair loss and wig specialty studio, Elite Hair Loss Solutions has worked hand in hand with American hairlines for over 20 years and enjoys the privilege of accessing their entire suite of revolutionary high-end non-surgical hair enhancement solutions. Our Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guests (who experience all degrees of women's hair loss), continue to enjoy the benefits of American Hairlines’ stellar products because we highly recommend them. The American Hairlines 100% Eastern European Human Hair collection of wigs are simply some of the finest we’ve ever seen bar none.

Hand-Crafted Wigs & Salon-Inspired Colors

American Hairlines wigs are 100% hand crafted and are created with exceptionally luxurious 100% Eastern European Remy Human Hair. With serious style potential and vibrant, salon-inspired colors, these wigs are versatile yet easy to care for. The soft, silky, super fine hair denier used in these wigs are unlike anything you have seen or felt. Single silk monofilament top with a Swiss lace front delivers you the natural look of believable perfection. Strategically placed anti-slip skin hugs your scalp to makes for a secure fit giving you complete confidence. A gentle time-intensive coloring process results in rich, luxurious, natural looking color levels and leaves the hair in pristine condition. Choose from one of 14 color options.

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Full Coverage Hair Just for Women

These world-class wig designs are manufactured to meet the unique needs of today’s women who are experiencing alopecia and other forms of hair loss. Their secure, flexible, and customizability allows for complete confidence at every stage of hair loss. Hand crafted art, and pure luxury are the very essence of every wig in the American Hairlines 100% Eastern European Remy collection.

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Your Image is Our Passion

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we're proud of and fulfilled by the craftsmanship of our wig collections, and the expert customization we provide to the already beautiful women who seek our assistance. Restoring hair seems like it's about physical changes, but it's driven by more important changes that can't be seen. Our wigs restore confidence to women suffering from the stigma of hair loss, and they turn hair from a worry to a delight. A lot has been said about feeling comfortable in your own skin. We think it's just as important to feel comfortable in your own hair.

Contact us Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your one-hour complimentary consultation, and discover the profound excellence of the American Hairlines 100% Eastern European Remy Human Hair Collection of Wigs by American Hairlines.