Hair Quality and Construction

Chinese-produced hair systems offer moderately graded hair at best that has been chemically treated a minimum of three times using toxic textile dyes. Once worn and exposed to elements such as sunlight, hair color rapidly fades in these hair systems because the chemicals utilized in the manufacturing process have removed almost all of the cuticle and destroyed the health and vitality of the hair shaft. A faded hair system creates a mismatch with your own hair that can often result in embarrassing situations.

Ventilators further compromise the lifespan and visual integrity of the hair by using knotting techniques in production. Because of extensive chemical processing, the hair becomes brittle, and breakage at the knot is inevitable causing areas to look “thin” in the hair system. The polyurethane base in these hair systems are semi-transparent, but as the hair system thins, knots left in the base become visually obvious and creates an unnatural appearance. Compromising situations aside, wearing one of these hair systems not only requires time-consuming and costly color maintenance but frequent replacement of the hair system as well.

You Deserve Better

CRLAB uses only the finest unprocessed virgin human hair available anywhere to create their CNC hair systems for men and women. This “Grail” hair is expertly implanted into a thin, light, hypo-allergenic breathable base – the “second scalp”– which is made of a special polymer resin to match the precise distribution, inclination, and direction of your own natural hair growth and makes for an unbelievably natural appearance. The CNC hair system's “second scalp” is expertly matched to your own scalp color tone and features powerful anti-bacterial properties and provides complete “breathability” that ensures the most sanitary environment possible for your scalp.

The CRLAB's specialized construction process produces perfect hair density, texture, color, and curl pattern, all of which are determined by closely studying your individual characteristics. This method can only be achieved through meticulous work by highly trained CRLAB Certified professionals who use only the highest quality European Hair and materials.

The “implanted” hair in a CNC hair system, and real hair growing from a scalp, is absolutely indistinguishable. Because there are NO knots, the results give you a “true” multi-directional hair system. Natural hair movement and ease of styling gives every CNC client an amazing looking hair system that is sweat, stress and water-resistant, and stands up to sun exposure – guaranteeing a practical and long-lasting solution.

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