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Transformations Top Pieces by Raquel Welch

You are not alone! Thinning hair for women of all ages can be a devastating and embarrassing reality. Hair loss does not discriminate, and the commonality of hair loss is occurring more and more these days. Virtually every media or Hollywood personality we see on screen is wearing some sort of enhancement, hair, cosmetic, or otherwise, so you can take some solace in the fact that even celebrities need help just like we do! There is nothing to be ashamed about with any of them, as long as they’re done professionally, beautifully, and not over-done.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions presents the newest hair topper collection from the global leader for over 20 years in women’s wigs and hair enhancement products. Legendary Hollywood icon Raquel Welch now brings you Transformations – a collection of high-quality, 100% human hair toppers that will completely transform your look, your style, and your self-confidence.

Even though your own natural hair might not give you the full coverage you desire, we can still make the most of the hair you have and help you create an exciting updated image to be envied. These versatile Raquel Welch human hair or synthetic hair topper additions can be personalized for you and are light, breathable, and comfortable. Best of all, Transformations Hair Integration topper pieces are one of the most affordable, quick, and easy-to-use hair replacement options available. Your final results will be breathtakingly natural looking.

What Sets the Transformations Collection Apart?

  • 100% Human Hair
  • 100% Certified Remy Human Hair
  • Monofilament Top
  • Sheer Indulgence Lace Front Top
  • Sheer Lines Front Monofilament Part
  • French Drawn Monofilament Tops

No matter where you are with your hair loss, Raquel Welch and Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento have answers for you. The Raquel Welch Transformations Collection includes a wide variety of styles, lengths, colors, and options.

Game Changer

The Game Changer topper can make a big difference to women with hair loss problems. The hand-knotted base along with gorgeous 100% Human Hair can deliver you almost every imaginable look. Create a different style or add the crown volume look you’ve always desired. Place the front edge to your hairline, or slightly behind to add coverage or a lot of volume. Game Changer is indeed a Game Changer!

Featured Game Changer Toppers

Gilded 12”

This specially crafted Mono Top piece features 12” length and blends beautifully with shoulder-length hairstyles. It is the perfect hair loss solution for women looking to maximize volume and thickness in the crown area. This 100% human hair topper has generous density coupled with tapered, razor-cut ends that will blend seamlessly with your own hair!

Featured Gilded 12” Toppers

Gilded 18”

Offering the same construction as the Gilded 12”, this human topper is the ideal answer for women with longer hair lengths. Ample base conceals fine or thinning hair in the crown area with additional volume and coverage to give you the longer, fuller look you’ve always wanted!

Featured Gilded 18” Toppers

Human Bang

Raquel’s 100% Human Hair Bang face-framing fringe has a monofilament base for virtually unlimited styling and versatile parting options. The oblong shape can be positioned vertically or horizontally for hair loss coverage or to achieve your desired look. Layered lengths make for blending ease and can be styled with an eyelash bang or trimmed as a shorter bang.

Featured Human Bang Toppers


This lush long topper highlights soft, tapered layers on a French Drawn monofilament top. Indulgence instantly adds length, volume, and coverage where you need it most. The very finest 100% Remy Human Hair means it will blend seamlessly with your own hair!

Featured Indulgence Toppers

Special Effect

Adding fullness and volume with the Special Effect 100% Human Hair topper delivers the styling versatility anyone would want by adding just the right amount of hair to make your hair look naturally full. The lace front monofilament top provides the ability to wear your hair forward or swept away. Special Effect, in the hands of a professional hair replacement specialist, can be expertly trimmed to create any type of style you desire!

Featured Special Effect Toppers

At Elite Hair Solutions, Knowledge, and Experience Counts!

Your Elite Hair Loss Solutions group of Hair Replacement Specialists bring over 80 combined years of expertise to the table. Working with experienced, knowledgeable, certified hair loss professionals enables you to have the proper hair enhancement topper the first time. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your complimentary Raquel Welch Wig and Hair Topper consultation appointment. Your one-hour private and discrete appointment will bring you a wealth of information about your hair loss as well as professional recommendations for hair loss solutions based on your personal situation.