This is the question we in the hair replacement industry have been asked for years. You have seen all the advertisements that say you can live an active lifestyle – swim, run, and work out – with no worries at all. The problem is people are hesitant to believe commercials because they think it is part of the sales pitch. After investigating and being in the hair replacement industry for 20 years and worn hair myself for 15 years, I will give you my personal experience and that of thousands of people who wear hair.

The most important thing you have to consider here is the method of attachment of your hair system. There are multiple ways and I cannot just say 'yes' without covering this first. Like everything in life the results depend on the training and experience your hair restoration studio has as well as the care the client has for his or her hair and the method of attachment. There are many hair restoration studios that skip vital steps that ensure optimal adhesion and also provide only limited methods of attachment which can restrict the freedom the client really has. However, if you have your hair attached with the Derma Lens process (latest in today’s technology) provided by a certified professional, then the sky is the limit! With a fresh application, you do not even think about your hair; if properly done, you won't need to have another service done for 4-5 weeks. Remember that bonding is semi-permanent and does have a life span that varies from person to person.

Now I want to share about a client’s experience that lost his hair at a very young age. He was very active working out, swimming, and all the normal things a freshman in college would do. But this young man also played rugby! This is football without pads or helmets, just like we used to play as kids in the schoolyard. I remember my hair getting pulled all the time, but these were full-grown, competitive men we are talking about. As impressive as that is he came in for his regular service one month and said, "Guess what I did?" He went sky diving and had no problems with the hair at all. I cannot understand why a person would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but the fact he did it wearing hair and had no problems is simply amazing. He’s obviously confident about his hair!

I hope this answers any questions you may have had and helps remove your doubts about what you can do with your hair system. If you’ve personally had bad experiences in this area, know that this is certainly not the case with each hair replacement studio. If your hair system has been attached properly by a real professional, it should be just like your own hair. Accept nothing less.

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Written By: Owner of Elite Hair Loss Solutions