Finding a highly qualified team of knowledgeable hair loss professionals who recommend the right restorative product or service the first time can save you time, money, and anguish. Cutting edge technologies in well-trained, experienced hands is essential for delivering to you the life-changing image enhancing results you seek.

Be assured, you have found a group of hair loss experts here who love what they do, and understand very well the devastation that accompanies hair loss sufferers through their own personal experiences, and those of their cherished Elite Guests…many of whom have visited Elite Hair Loss Solutions monthly for more than two decades and continue to do so to this day.

We introduce here, the Elite Team who you will come to know very well, appreciate, and trust.

Deborah Long

Deborah is the heart and soul of Elite Hair Loss Solutions and has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 27 years and is a Master Hair Restoration Stylist, Designer, and Educator, with more than 23 years of experience. Beyond her impressive non-surgical hair restoration aptitude, Deborah has an extensive and vast resume of education and training.

Deborah’s professional certifications include: Master's Certification - American Hair Loss Council, Virtual Reality Hair Replacement, Master Certification, Harmonix Trichology Certification, Capilia Head First Trichology Certification, CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) CNC, CRLAB Certification, Trichology Certification, HairUWear Wigs Certification, Jon Renau Core Certification, Great Lengths Hair Extensions Certification, and Hairdreams Certification.

Deborah’s passion for delivering life-changing image enhancing results to our Elite Guests for more than two decades continues. She serves as President of Elite Hair Alternatives Incorporated as well as full-time duties behind the chair and working every day to ensure each and every hair enhancement order is 100% accurate and on time.

Deborah also oversees complete and detailed training of each Elite Staff member to ensure that every service performed for every Elite Guest is consistent and meets her high standards. Deborah’s very favorite aspect of her job is seeing the look on a new Guest’s face upon their transformational change. It is a gratification that is extremely fulfilling because she herself suffers from hair loss and understands its devastation. She loves what she does, and it shows!

Gary Long

Gary serves at CFO and Director of Marketing, but performs many additional duties such as bookkeeping, payroll, staff hiring, IT support, general repairs and maintenance, Guest relations and support, and even coffee gopher for valued Elite Guests…lol!

While not a licensed Cosmetologist himself, Gary has accumulated many professional industry certifications including Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Master Certification, Harmonix Trichology Certification, Capilia Head First Trichology Certification, CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) CNC Certification, CRLAB Trichology Ceritification, HairUWear Wigs Certification, Jon Renau Core Certification. Gary relates to each and every Elite Guest and what they go through because he himself also suffers from hair loss. Ensuring their complete satisfaction and Elite Guest experience is of vital importance to him.

Since 1999, Elite Hair Loss Solutions studios has relocated twice, and annually upgraded or expanded their offices for the continuing advancement and improvement of the Elite Guest experience. During these five construction projects, Gary served as General Contractor and was responsible for design, and actual construction of Elite’s professional facilities performing most, and sometimes all of the work himself. Gary, along with Deborah, is responsible for the beautiful interior design elements Elite Guests enjoy each visit.

Deborah and Gary’s love for the industry and its positive life-changing effects on Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guests are without boundaries. Other than the great relationships they have built with their Elite Guests over many years, one of the things they take the most pride in is their amazing Elite Team members. You won’t find a more professional, highly trained, and dedicated team of hair loss professionals anywhere. They are happy to introduce them here.

Dana Haruff
Manager / Consultant

Dana has been a valued Elite Team member for more than four years and brings over 20 years of knowledge and expertise to the table as an internationally trained and licensed Cosmetologist and color specialist, as well as professional certifications from Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon, CRLAB Trichology, and Jon Renau Wig & Topper Core training.  She was promoted in 2020 to full-time Consultant, promoted again in 2021 to Assistant Manager, and to Manager in 2022.

Dana’s fun-loving personality and personal experiences as a cancer survivor greatly benefit our Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guests, many of which are undergoing life-saving treatments themselves. Her empathy and sincere desire to help people navigate the challenging waters of hair loss is a personal mission for Dana. She understands very well the anxiety and devastation that comes from losing her hair several times through her cancer battles. Her positive attitude toward these challenges, and her wealth of knowledge about hair loss and passion for assisting others is an absolute inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her!

Angela Herring
Lead Stylist / Hair Loss Specialist

Angi has a total of 25 years of experience as a licensed Cosmetologist and 16 years of expertise in the hair loss and replacement industry. She joined our Elite Team 12 years ago and is now our Lead Stylist / Hair Loss Specialist. Angi has extensive experience in Trichology with two separate Certifications from Capilia Head First as well as CRLAB. She is also a Wig Specialist and is Jon Renau Core Certified, and HairUWear Certified. In addition, Angi has outstanding proficiency with Great Lengths Hair Extensions certified under Elite Hair Loss Solutions.

Angi absolutely loves delivering life-changing, confidence building results to our Elite Guests and finds it the most rewarding aspect to her job. Angi’s Elite Team leadership, integrity, and dedication to our valued Elite Guests makes her an indispensable member of our Elite Family!

Tina Tobie
Hair Replacement & Hair Loss Specialist

Tina has been a licensed Cosmetologist for well over 20 years and a valued Elite Team member for almost 4 of those years. In that time, Tina has become one of our key Wig Specialists and under the expert tutelage of Deborah and the rest of our Elite Team, has also become proficient in our non-surgical hair restoration services for men and women, and Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Tina is especially talented with artistic, trendy styles for men.

Tina loves the hair replacement industry because it gives her the opportunity to restore our Elite Guests back to an image they’ve lost, or could only imagine. Giving people joy through her artistic creativity and technical skill as an Elite Hair Loss Solutions Hair Replacement technician always makes her day!

Hair Replacement Specialist

Our newest Elite Team member joins us with more than eight years of cosmetology experience and is loving her experience assisting hair loss suffers with her hair restoration skills.  Robin's passion for hair and beauty began at the very young age of six years old!  She posesses a diverse set of skills  and loves doing perms, but her particular specialty is ladies hairstyles.   Robin started with us as Special Assistant to the Owner, but has quickly outgrown those responsibilies and has rapidly become a favorite with our Elite Guests and she has blended wonderfully with our entire Elite Team.

Robin loves making people feel good about themselves!  Since joining Elite, she has displayed eagerness to expand her professional expertise, pride in her work, and a genuine kindness and dedication to our Elite Guests that has quickly earned the confidence and respect of all of our Elite Team members.  In addition to being an excellent hair restoration artist, Robin is very family oriented and loves kayaking.  In her short time with us, her sweet caring nature is very apparent to us and she has truly become a valued member of our Elite Hair Loss Solutions family!