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Hair loss is a devastating reality for women that can affect how we live and even our quality of life both socially and professionally. The good news is that most hair loss situations can now be addressed quickly and easily with stellar results. Today’s technologies make restoring the hair you have lost or updating to a brand-new image easier than ever before! The industry-leading professionals at Jon Renau have created a wide array of synthetic hair toppers featuring innovative designs that integrate seamlessly and attach securely with your own hair—no matter what stage of hair loss you are currently experiencing.

Life is too short to go through it looking less than your absolute best! Is a Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Topper the right solution for you? It certainly can be, and our job as your Elite image consultants is to give you information and knowledge, so you can choose the right solution for you. From beginning hair loss to mid-progressive to advanced hair loss, the Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Toppers offer a quick and easy hair loss solution. We encourage you to browse through our different galleries below to find a topper that works best for you.

Featured Beginning Stage Toppers

Featured Mid/Progressive Stage Toppers

Featured Advanced Stage Toppers

Your First Step in Taking Control of Your Hair Loss

Let the wig and topper hair loss experts at Elite Hair Loss Solutions assist you with finding the perfect topper to properly address your current level of hair loss. Our well-trained licensed Elite hair replacement professionals will find the perfect texture, color, length, and coverage for YOU, and expertly blend your new Jon Renau Topper with your own hair. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary hair loss and hair restoration consultation appointment. Take control of your hair loss today!