Sacramento’s Only CRLAB Certified Trichology Center

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we’re not just Sacramento’s leading non-surgical hair restoration studio, we are also Sacramento’s only CRLAB Certified Trichology center. We want you to achieve the very best outcome for your hair loss. Our role is to design a program that combines the best possible results for your own biologically growing hair. That means hair loss prevention is our first priority and consideration. Technology and clinical innovation have provided us wonderful tools that can help you slow down your hair loss, retain your natural hair, and make the absolute most of the hair you have.

Our Trichological treatments have been developed under laboratory conditions by some of the world’s leading hair loss experts. Our friends from Bologna, Italy at CRLAB bring to the table more than 50 years of research, development, and innovation from the same team of Italian scientists who brought us the phenomenal CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) CNC cranial hair prosthetic. To date, less than 40 U.S.-based hair loss professionals are CRLAB Trichology Certified, and Elite Hair Loss Solutions is the exclusive clinic in Sacramento, California that provides these services. CRLAB’s dedication and drive to create perfection with their cranial prosthesis and clinical advancement in Trichology is unmatched!

The First Step: Your Hair & Scalp Analysis

Before we can determine the best course of action for your hair loss, we must first receive the proper information on exactly what is happening with your hair and scalp, including identifying the following scalp disorders: androgenetic hair loss, alopecia (aereata, totalis, or universalis), dermatitis, dry or oily dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and cradle cap.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions Utilizes:

  • A Private Consultation: Detailed questionnaire and confidential meeting with a licensed Cosmetologist that has been personally trained and certified by a licensed Trichologist.
  • Tricotest®: CRLAB’s patented system for hair and scalp analysis.
  • PH Meter: CRLAB’s diagnostic tool for measuring scalp PH levels.
  • Microcamera Images: CRLAB’s microscopic camera for scalp inspection and panoramic pictures.

This thorough analysis will provide us with valuable information and specific details about your hair loss and scalp health, as well as a recommended protocol for addressing your problem.

It is important to note that a scalp anomaly cannot properly be addressed only through the use of a shampoo and a topical product. If you are a proper candidate for hair loss and scalp health Trichology services, the professionals at Elite Hair Loss Solutions may recommend different treatment protocols that might include specific CRLAB Trichological products, in-office clinical scalp treatments, and advanced CRLAB TricoGlam Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy. These amazing evaluations, products and services can only be found at Elite Hair Loss Solutions in Sacramento.

CRLAB Trichological Products

Building the bridge between nature and science, CRLAB embraces a formulative philosophy based on dermophytocosmesi, which means their products are produced utilizing the highest quality raw materials, including the following particular ingredients: plant stem cells, gemstones, essential oils, plant extracts, and pharmacological small molecules.

CRLAB Product Lines

Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers three effective CRLAB clinically tested home-use product lines to tackle the major causes of hair and scalp conditions.



Havogen 5 Hair Loss Prevention Patch

crlab havogen 5 patch

How the Havogen 5 Transdermal Patch Works

At its core, Havogen 5 is a product designed to help you maintain healthy, natural cycles of hair growth. It’s normal for your follicles to cycle between periods of growth and of rest; hair loss occurs when the rest cycle is prolonged, or when the growth phase becomes less productive. Havogen 5’s all-natural compound is designed to rebalance that natural hair growth cycle.

The great thing about Havogen 5 is that it’s not only painless, but it’s also non-invasive. In fact, it’s the kind of thing you can apply and then more or less forget about. The Havogen 5 is a small, transdermal patch, applied at the base of the neck or behind your ear. It’s invisible, and it’s water resistant too. You can wear one all day (or night), and nobody will even notice it. Even so, the Havogen 5 patch will be working to provide your scalp with the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. The patch is effective for a full 12 hours, and there are no adverse side effects.

That’s because this is a wholesome, holistic product. It’s not full of chemicals or artificial compounds; rather, it’s got B-vitamins, avocado extract, and other natural ingredients that have been proven to assist in healthy hair growth.

The bottom line: When you wear Havogen 5, it provides a steady stream of all the things your follicles need to do their job and to do it well.

Five Benefits to the Havogen 5 Transdermal Patch

  1. A reduction in 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that impedes hair growth
  2. A decrease in free radical formation
  3. Nourishment and strength for your hair bulb and shaft
  4. Regulation of sebum
  5. Inhibition of DHT, the hormonal byproduct that is thought to cause most hair loss

Who Benefits from Havogen 5?

Though we recommend this holistic solution to many of our Guests, we understand that it’s not ideal for everyone. Hair loss prevention is never one-size-fits-all, and before you decide on Havogen 5, it’s best to come see us for a complimentary consultation.

For the most part, Havogen 5 is something we recommend for hair loss prevention. It’s something we often propose for men and women who believe that they are predisposed to genetic hair loss, or who are just starting to see some early signs of shedding. We also believe Havogen 5 to be an effective way to augment other hair loss methods—and it especially works well hand-in-hand with CRLAB TricoGlam Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy Home Unit, or with an FUE treatment. Overall, it’s something we’d consider for anyone whose hair loss is mild to moderate—but the only way to know for sure whether it’s a good option for you is to join us for a consultation.

Prevent Hair Loss with Elite Hair Loss Solutions

CRLAB Trichological products and treatments show a high degree of effectiveness on a wide range of hair and scalp disorders. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, a scalp issue, or if you are aware hair loss runs in your family, it is imperative that you take proactive action to prohibit the advancement of your hair and scalp problem. Your biologically growing hair is precious and once hair follicles cease to function, any and all treatments will be ineffective. Let Elite Hair Loss Solutions assist you with answering questions about your hair and scalp problem. Contact us today to schedule your personal hair loss and scalp health assessment.