If you are struggling with hair loss, trying to find a new hair system, or are considering non-surgical hair restoration for the first time, you have come to the right place. As Sacramento’s leading hair loss experts and restoration professionals, it is our responsibility to provide you important information we feel you should be aware of. The COVID-19 pandemic has created some significant challenges that the world-wide hair restoration industry has never experienced before.

With China being the number one producer of hair systems in the world, and most of their factories still either closed completely or producing very little with a limited workforce, the reduced production capacity has created some timely delays that are now slowing U.S. hair system arrivals anywhere from 6 months to 1 full year for the production of a single custom hair restoration system.

This situation makes working with an experienced master hair stylist and designer, an absolute must during these difficult times. The expert ability to make professional modifications to hair systems to meet individual customer’s needs has never been more important than it is now!

At Elite Solutions, You Won’t Go Without!

The good news is, here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we have managed this industry-wide challenge by being immediately proactive as soon as COVID-19 struck, to get ahead of this issue! Due to the expertise of the Elite Team of professionals led by American Hair Loss Council Certified Master Stylist and Elite Solutions President Deborah Long, we have even been able to keep and maintain all of our Elite Guests’ hair with a 99% on-time delivery record, utilizing our vast worldwide resources of hair system providers.

Even with the largest U.S. based manufacturer of hair replacement pieces ceasing production of women’s systems almost 16 months ago, our wonderful Elite Guest ladies who make up almost 40% of Elite Hair Loss Solutions’ clientele, haven’t had to go without, and continue to enjoy timely delivery of their high-end hair systems. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Elite has used a total of five different hair system resources to provide our ladies with the customized hair restoration solutions they need.

Our Elite Guest men also receive their quality hair systems with exceptional delivery time! Many other Sacramento area hair restoration salons have either closed permanently, or are struggling to provide for their customers and simply hoping to just survive. Unless you are working with a well-established hair restoration company, putting a down payment for a hair system these days could potentially be a real gamble.

As a patron of Elite Hair Loss Solutions, there is no need for concern. You can also expect to receive on time delivery of your hair restoration system as well as the very same level of commitment, and dedication to excellence from us, that all of our Elite Guests have received since the beginning of the pandemic, and will continue to moving forward.


Are You Being “Clubbed” With Delays?

Even the largest, most nationally recognized chain of hair loss centers is scrambling to source and provide hair on-time to their “clients.” In fact, this company attempted to hire one of our hair factories to produce their systems several months ago, but were denied. Potential new customers are being told they have to wait a minimum of two to three months to receive their first hair system! (Most new Elite Guests can enjoy new hair in a matter of days, not months!)

Delivery of hair systems for many of their existing program clients are being delayed each month with a reported 60,000 to 70,000 hair system backorders nationally. How do we know this? Because more and more of those Sacramento area clients are reaching out to us every week for help, and they have shared their stressful experiences of having to wear thinning hair systems, and stories of delays.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions Will Deliver…For You!

While we genuinely feel bad for any business struggling during these formidable times, our commitment and focus will always be directed toward anyone who reaches out to us for help with their hair loss. As husband and wife owners, we are hair loss sufferers, and wear hair ourselves, so we understand! Over the last 22 years, we have built strong relationships with multiple high-end hair system resources around the globe that help us deliver consistently for our Elite Guests, and we will deliver for you too!

Contact us at Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your complimentary hair restoration consultation appointment. We will answer all of your questions, and provide you with multiple hair restoration options and pricing, and accurate, estimated delivery times to address your hair loss needs. This private, no-pressure appointment will be informative, and allow you to make the best personal decision for you, when it comes to restoring your hair.