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Do you want to know the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs? How about what you can do with your wig, and how you maintain it? Check out our most frequently asked questions about human and synthetic hair wigs, then contact us to schedule your FREE confidential consultation.

Human Hair Wigs

Every hair replacement or enhancement method under the sun is perfect for one woman or another, but the only option that really matters for you is the one you'll feel comfortable wearing. Many women prefer the completely natural look and feel of a customized human hair wig because it's the closest thing to nature. It leaves you the option to be bald and bold when you want, along with the exceptional comfort of giving your scalp the chance to really breathe. If you want to change up your look from day to day and don't want to mess with manmade replacement hair, a human hair wig could be your perfect solution.

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we have hundreds of human hair wig options available by some of the world’s top wig manufacturers. Let us assist you in designing the wig of your dreams! Contact us to schedule your no-charge personal consultation appointment.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

While the appeal of natural human-hair wigs is easy to see, the reasons some women choose synthetic-hair wigs are less obvious. In certain circumstances and depending on specific priorities, you might actually require more from your hair than the real thing can provide. If you're hard on your hair and could benefit from more durable, flexible, just-about-everything-proof hair, that's now an option.

Women who experience hair loss related to chemotherapy or other medical treatments can benefit from the lightness and breathability of synthetic hair. Many women whose scalp conditions are irritated by materials used in human-hair wigs turn to hypoallergenic manmade materials to provide greater comfort. Some women can even be allergic to hair altogether. In that case, synthetic options provide the only alternatives to total baldness. We’ll help you find the synthetic hair wig that meets your needs; contact us to get started.

Schedule Your Free CONSULTATION

With more than 80 years of combined experience, our Elite Team of Professionals understands the anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to thinning hair and hair loss. We provide every Elite Guest with a free evaluation to ensure we accurately assess your hair loss, answer your questions, and give you valuable information on your restorative options. Providing the right solution for you is our goal and we want to exceed your expectations! We know that we are not just restoring beautiful hair—we’re restoring your self-esteem, confidence, and image! Take action on your hair loss today by scheduling your free confidential consultation appointment.


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