The Jon Renau Company grew from a small family business in South Africa to a leading international wig designer in just a few short decades. Human hair wigs by Jon Renau are among those that give us complete confidence in offering them to our clients. Their exquisite hair quality and complete attention to the customer experience ensure that nothing is lost between the creator and the wearer of each beautiful human-hair wig.

We're happy to work with Jon Renau wigs and hairpieces at Elite Solutions for a million reasons that can be narrowed down to one – quality. Though every woman's hair loss is different, if a Jon Renau wig is right for you, we can count on these 100% Remy Human Hair wigs to make you happy with your hair again. The hardest part is often choosing one style!

jon renau human hair wigs

Evolution by Jon Renau

Women facing alopecia and complete hair loss deserved a better wig option, and Jon Renau went on a mission to create it. After two years of dedicated research, they've introduced their latest innovation – the Evolution line of 100% Remy Human Hair Wigs. These wigs combine undetectable lace with breathable ergonomic base elements to create a next-generation hair-wearing experience.


Developed Specifically for Women with Permanent Hair Loss

Jon Renau's Evolution collection of human hair wigs is just that. It takes several trends and advancements in women's hair restoration and combines them into one never-before-seen solution. When they felt as though there could still be a better wig option for women's total hair loss, the company went on a mission. Working directly with women who have alopecia, Jon Renau devoted two years studying, investing in, and testing out innovative approaches to women's total hair replacement. The resulting Evolution line of wigs is a hybrid that improves upon the best of the best.

The Features of Jon Renau Evolution Wigs

  • 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Swiss Lace Front
  • Stretchable Double-Lace Cap
  • Ergonomically Positioned Silicone Mid Cap
  • Hidden Metal Stays
  • Running Stitch
  • 360 Stretch
  • Perfectly Natural Coverage
  • Multi-Directional Parting
  • Natural Hairline
  • Scalp Ventilation
  • Security
  • Size Customization
  • Reinforced Durability
  • Complete Customization

Featured Evolution Wigs

Words Don’t Do It Justice!

There’s a lot we could say about Jon Renau’s Evolution human wigs, but nothing beats the real thing. If you’re struggling with total hair loss and haven’t found the right women’s hair loss solution for you, schedule a personal complimentary one-on-one consultation with Elite Hair Loss Solutions hair loss specialists by contacting us. If Evolution isn’t right for you, we will find the solution that is.



jon renau human hair wigs

SmartLace by Jon Renau

In everything they do, the family-owned Jon Renau Company takes personal care to ensure the highest quality hair restoration experience in the world. With the SmartLace collection of human hair wigs, they make that perfection a reality for lace-front wigs. These lush, vibrant, stylish wigs combine secure attachment options and hand-tied natural human hair with the benefits of lace. SmartLace gives you an undetectably natural hairline, lets you part your hair wherever you like, and provides durability.

Gorgeous Jon Renau WigsGorgeous SmartLace wigs by Jon Renau.

Like Elite Hair Loss Solutions, Jon Renau is more than a hair replacement company. Their mission is to enhance the life of each individual who uses their products. For women whose hair loss causes them concern about their hairline, their part, or their hair’s natural appearance, we often recommend Jon Renau’s SmartLace wigs.

Smart Construction

The SmartLace line of natural human hair wigs has the perfect name. While lace has long been used to make the bases of high-quality wigs, it has its drawbacks. Lace is fragile and can rip or tear very easily, and that gives it the potential to become an expensive wig material. Jon Renau SmartLace wigs solve this problem by combining a more durable (but also undetectable) material at the back of the hairpiece, with lace on the front and on the hairline. Each strand of hair is secured by hand to the base to ensure it flows and moves naturally while staying secure.

Incredible Hair

The benefit of SmartLace is a wig that lasts and lets you part your hair however you want. It gives you more style options than other types of wigs without having a top-of-the-line price. Every visible detail is carefully considered to create a natural look that won’t reveal your replacement hair. Jon Renau is one of the hair providers we trust to responsibly source the finest, most beautiful hair from around the world. If you haven’t found the lifelike realism you’ve been looking for in a wig, visit Elite Hair Loss Solutions to see and feel our Jon Renau Human Hair SmartLace wigs in person.

Featured SmartLace Wigs

Nothing Beats a SmartLace Hairline

The Smart Lace collection of human hair wigs are beautiful and stylish and feature secure attachment options with the benefits of an undetectable hairline with parting versatility. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your private complimentary consultation appointment. You are going to love Jon Renau SmartLace!



Jon Renau’s 2019 Fall Collection

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Human Remy Wigs by Jon Renau

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Professionnel Exclusives by Jon Renau

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