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Cheveaux Direct-Inject System by Jon Renau

Over the many years Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento has been in business, we have consistently introduced our Elite Guests to the latest and most up-to-date natural hair enhancement technologies available worldwide. When it came to women experiencing wide-ranging hair loss issues, we were determined to find a top-level, versatile non-surgical European hair restoration option that stood head and shoulders above everyone else. Now, with the Cheveaux European Direct-Inject Remy System by world famous Jon Renau, we have it! The Jon Renau name is synonymous with luxury, quality, and beauty, and the hair enhancements available from them are astounding. Whether you are already wearing a hair enhancement product, or if you are new to non-surgical hair replacement, Jon Renau's Cheveaux Direct-Inject is the hair loss solution that you definitely want to learn more about.

Hair Solutions Empowerment!

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering the most diverse array of hair loss prevention and non-surgical hair replacement solutions anywhere in Sacramento. Fewer women than men experience hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia and the hormone DHT, but that doesn't mean it's not a big problem. Some women feel that pattern hair loss is even worse for women because we don't expect it to happen. Whether you've been worrying about your thinning hair for a while or if you are experiencing hair loss suddenly, the most important thing is to educate yourself about hair loss solutions that meet your needs. Knowledge is power, and we are here to help you!

What is Direct-Inject?

Cheveaux Direct-Inject is NOT a surgical procedure, but an innovative new technology that allows for injecting human hair into the base material membrane of your hair system in a much more expeditious fashion. These advancements are not only time beneficial in the production process, but also allows for a precise and consistent hair distribution and spacing in the hair application process than by human hand.

Another added benefit, is that because the individual hairs are directly injected into the membrane, there are no knots, which allows for a completely aesthetically natural look. We also have the ability and the flexibility to determine (by percentage), the amount of hair we want in each section of your Cheveaux Direct-Inject system. This level of customization in the design phase of your Cheveux Direct-Inject system is a powerful attention-to-detail tool that you will absolutely love!

The Greatest Benefits of Cheveux Direct-Inject

  • Jon Renau’s Exquisite European Remy Hair
  • New Advanced Direct-Inject Technology
  • Available in 6” to 16” Hair Lengths
  • Up to Medium-Heavy Hair Density
  • Natural, Precise Hair Distribution
  • No Knots
  • 100% Full Customized for a Precise Fit
  • Flexibile Sizing - Front Hair Line to Full Cap Capabilities
  • Super Fast Production Turn Around Time
  • No Shaving is Required
  • Won't Damage Your Existing Hair
  • Long Lasting Wear
  • Jon Renau World-Renowned Quality

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Let the hair restoration experts at Elite Hair Loss Solutions assist you with isolating the cause of your hair loss, learn about natural measures to slow down, or stop your hair loss, and provide you with invaluable information to restore your hair to its former glory. We will explain which hair loss solutions fit your needs allowing you to make informed decisions. You deserve first-class results delivered with personal focus, compassion, and attention to detail. Contact us to schedule your discreet, complimentary hair loss and hair restoration evaluation appointment and see how Cheveaux Direct-Inject by Jon Renau can give you the hair of your dreams!

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