We Take a Big Picture Approach to Hair Loss Prevention

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, hair loss prevention will be part of your experience even if you have permanent hair loss. We'll thoroughly evaluate whether and how you can keep your own natural hair as we create the best individualized restoration program for your hair loss, lifestyle, and expectations. We're not just a wig shop or hair restoration studio. Equally as important is our role as a resource for hair loss prevention. In fact, we're Sacramento's only CRLAB Certified Trichology center. If you have existing hair that could be retained, we'll place as much emphasis on hair loss prevention as we do on making additions and creating style potential. The choice between your naturally growing hair and replacement hair is always yours.

Hair Loss Prevention Options at Elite Hair Loss Solutions

For every Guest's personalized hair restoration program, we carefully select a blend of solutions based on their potential to resolve that individual's unique hair loss problem. Our tools for hair loss prevention include:

Hair Loss Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Hair loss prevention starts with what we can do today, but it extends to what can be done over time to preserve your natural hair for as long as you want it to stay in place. The best hair restoration plan is to prevent hair loss altogether. As Trichology trained hair loss specialists, we help our Guests slow down, reverse, or resolve their hair loss. The earlier you visit our studio for your initial consultation, the more likely we are to be able to reverse thinning or save the hair you still have.

You Are Not Alone

If you've done all you can and your hair is still thinning, contact us to schedule your private consultation with a dedicated Elite Hair Loss Solutions hair loss prevention specialist. You can trust our knowledgeable Elite Team to find you real answers to your hair loss problems. No matter what solution turns out to be right for you, hair loss prevention will be considered every step of the way.