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At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we're constantly testing new technologies and updating our products and services to ensure that we give our clients the best men's hair-loss replacement solutions available in Sacramento. Before we recommend any option, we get to the bottom of not just what's making your hair fall out, but what you expect from your results. When we suggest a solution, it's because it's designed specifically to meet your individual and unique needs.

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Finding the cause of your hair loss is Step 1. But maybe you don't want to spend time on a consultation until you've found a resource that can really give you results. So that you understand what we're working with, we offer the following descriptions of our hair restoration solutions. If you want to be active in achieving the best restoration program, it's more important that you understand how hair grows and the causes of men's hair loss.


Imagine the world’s finest men’s hair replacement system in the hands of a highly trained hair restoration professional. Can it truly be undetectable? Will it match your own hair in every way? Color Tones? Density? Curl? Texture? Will it blend perfectly? Does your system actually have a natural growth pattern? Would it move and act like your own growing hair once did? Is all of this even possible in a non-surgical men’s hair replacement system? Five years, today…..YES!

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories refuses to compromise, and so do we. The CNC hair system goes beyond established proven solutions to deliver the most natural-looking, personalized, and comfortable non-invasive hair restoration in the world. Its results are guaranteed and the certified Elite Solutions team is the most trusted name in Sacramento for expertly delivering them.

Our Signature Euro-Elite has quickly become one of our most popular hair systems because it features a super thin contact lens-like breathable base material as well as high-quality 100% unprocessed Virgin European Hair which puts it far and away superior to what other hair replacement companies, hair clubs, or any of our competitors have to offer.  Euro-Elite quality ensures an easy to style consistent look from cut in to cut in without the frustration of excessive shedding, matting, breakage, or color fade.

Based in France, the Hairskeen network of highly-trained hair loss professionals has now expanded to the United States! Elite Hair Loss Solutions is honored to bring to our Sacramento customers yet another European hair replacement exclusive. We present Hairskeen Men’s Solutions by Cosmecare….THE European leader in men’s non-surgical hair restoration - featuring the edgy, artistic direction of International hair artist and four time world champion hair dresser Raphael Perrier.

When the natural look of actively growing hair is your priority, Natural Advantage is an important solution to consider. This system lets us painlessly integrate individual strands of perfectly matched real human hair amongst your own. It's the guaranteed way to keep your hair looking natural at all times, even if your hair loss can't be stopped.

Another of our non-surgical hair-graft methods is Permagraft, which uses only 100% natural human replacement hair. This system is engineered to give us the utmost control over spacing, placement, and trajectory so that it blends perfectly with the hair you already have. It can restore your natural hairline and provide indistinguishable results.

Virtual Reality is a good name for this solution that looks, feels, and acts just like your natural hair. It's not a hairpiece; it's hair restoration that delivers lasting results with very little maintenance. Our specialists use Virtual Reality to mimic nature and definitively restore hair during any stage of hair loss.

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, it is such a privilege to meet and to learn from the wonderfully diverse group of people who visit our clinic. Many of our LGBTQ clients are kind enough to share their journeys on becoming the individuals they always knew they were destined to be.

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