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A Wig That Offers Something Special

If you're considering a wig, it won't be long before you hear the name Jon Renau. A world leader in the development of specialized synthetic-hair wig options, this family-owned company is well known for delivering an extraordinary customer experience. By listening closely to feedback from hair wearers for nearly 50 years, John and Stella Reynolds have managed to build a leading international company from a tiny operation that began in South Africa in 1969.

Their unique synthetic-hair wigs are created to meet the needs of actual hair wearers who asked the company for more innovation. If you're looking for a wig that offers something special, a Jon Renau just might be the answer.

Jon Renau is a company that's established trust the old-fashioned way, but their synthetic hair wigs are anything but old school. Some of their designs are so resistant to damage from heat, they're labeled "heat defiant"! With 125 styles and 100 colors, Jon Renau's synthetic hair lines give our team the raw materials to create jaw-dropping hair. To pin down the perfect one for you, all you have to do is tell your Elite Hair Loss Professional what you’re looking for.

As Sacramento’s leading hair restoration, wig specialist, and hair loss prevention company, Elite Hair Loss Solutions works with men and women and sometimes children every single day assisting them with a wide range of hair loss related issues. Our Elite Guests are people from all walks of life, and all ages, and every single person has their own story, specific wants and needs.

It is our responsibility as hair loss professionals to find their ideal hair loss solution. The one thing every Elite Guest has in common, is that every person wants to look their very best. To do our job well, we need vast resources at our disposal, and a company like Jon Renau is indispensable to us, because of their array of fantastic products.

Options, Options, Options!

If you love options, you are going to love what Jon Renau has to offer. Jon Renau as a whole, by far exceeds every company that offers wigs which makes them our favorite synthetic hair wig company to work with. Every hair color, hair length, cap design, and almost every hair style from classic, to chic, to colorful, to modern that you can possibly imagine can be found in the Jon Renau catalogue.

Featured Jon Renau Wigs

Excellence That Can’t Be Beat!

In our many years of working with Jon Renau, our track record of service with them has been absolutely stellar! Our Elite Guests love their hair enhancements, and our staff members appreciate working with quality synthetic products, especially when it comes time to do fittings and adjustments. Our Elite Guest’s transformations always come together beautifully.

To learn more about the wonderful world of Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Wigs, contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your one-hour, private complimentary consultation appointment. We include FREE professional fittings with every purchase and education on cleaning and care, so you get the most out of your Jon Renau Synthetic Hair Wig.