Ultimate Confidence & Phenomenal Results with Euro Tape!

Tape in methods are sometimes a preferred application and have the benefit of quick and easy application. For those Elite Guests who prefer a high-quality human hair extension in a tape-based attachment, our Euro Tape Human Hair Extensions are an ideal solution.

The world's greatest hair tools in the hands of a highly-skilled hair enhancement stylist with a quality human hair extension product can produce results beyond your wildest dreams. If you're struggling with thinning hair, or simply want to add length, volume, or color, we hope to restore your pride and confidence in the way you look and feel each day.

In our over 20 years as professionally licensed hair extension and hair loss specialists, we have found there is nothing greater from a quality standpoint than gently processed silky smooth European Human Hair. In our search for the ultimate tape-tab hair extension method, the very first thing we sought was a high caliber grade of human hair. Euro Tape hair extensions are the finest by far that we’ve ever seen.

European Hair in About an Hour!

Aside from the luxurious beauty and quality benefits of the hair, there are many outstanding advantages of Euro Tape European Human Hair Extensions. Application time! We can apply a full-head of Euro Tape extensions in about an hour. That aspect alone saves you significant time and money since you are not sitting in the chair for several hours, and we aren’t having to pay our Elite Hair Extension Specialist for those hours. Ask yourself what YOUR time is worth? This all equates to huge savings to you!

Another major advantage is also another financial one! Providing that you have properly cared for your Euro Tape extensions, we have the ability to re-use and re-apply the hair up to two times. This saves you from having to re-purchase hair, and so you only have to pay for the re-application.

We’ve established that Euro Tape Human Hair Extensions are among the finest in quality, beauty, versatility, and reusability. If a high-end tape-tab method of human hair extensions is for you, there really isn’t any reason not to take advantage of these incredible aspects of this opportunity to spoil yourself. After all, you are worth it!

Featured Euro Tape Extensions

Hair Extension Professionals You Can Trust

If you've struggled to find high-quality hair enhancement options that work ideally for you in the past, talk to your dedicated Elite Hair Loss Solutions hair loss specialist about the creative and innovative techniques we possess. We often utilize a combination of hair loss solutions to address unique, individual hair loss problems.

If you suspect you are experiencing underlying issues that are contributing to your hair loss, reach out to us. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you by assessing your situation with advanced trichological diagnostics and by offering natural products and high-tech services to slow down or even stop your hair loss! Our one-hour consultations are private and complimentary, but by appointment only. Please contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your appointment.