Are you experiencing early to moderate stages of hair loss? For over 20 years, Elite Hair Loss Solutions has provided hair loss prevention treatments— including the use of laser hair therapy and Trichology-based therapeutics—to slow down, delay, or even stop each stage of hair loss.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions is Sacramento’s only Trichology trained and certified hair loss professionals. We feature not one, but two, separate Trichology training and certifications. Our first certification is from Capilia Head First. Our Capilia Head First Trichological Treatments feature 100% natural ingredients to cleanse, detoxify, and prep your scalp for other treatments. These clinically formulated products also eliminate barriers to your hair growth while hydrating your scalp, preventing scalp irritation, and creating the healthiest environment in which your growing hair can thrive.

Our second Trichology training certification is through a company based in Bologna, Italy called CRLAB. This amazing Trichology education is even more advanced; their products are created with natural ingredients, including natural oils, plant stem cells, and oligoelements. Together, they create the most efficient blend to combat numerous hair and scalp conditions such as androgenetic alopecia, dry or oily dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and others. The highlight of the CRLAB Trichology program is the visible results from the Tricotest microscopic analysis.

If you are experiencing hair loss, or if you know hair loss runs in your family, it is never too early to begin Trichological treatments. Let us help you determine a proactive course of action to retain your naturally growing hair.

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With more than 80 years of combined experience, our Elite Team of Professionals understands the anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to thinning hair and hair loss. We provide every Elite Guest with a free evaluation to ensure we accurately assess your hair loss, answer your questions, and give you valuable information on your restorative options. Providing the right solution for you is our goal and we want to exceed your expectations! We know that we are not just restoring beautiful hair—we’re restoring your self-esteem, confidence, and image! Take action on your hair loss today by scheduling your free confidential consultation appointment.


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