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Elite Lace Hair Restoration = Image Elation!

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we are always evaluating the newest, most innovative hair replacement systems available anywhere. Our job is not only to enhance the image of our Elite Guests positively but to benefit and enhance their lives in a meaningful way. The needs of each of our Elite Guests differ greatly, but they do all have one thing in common....they all expect and demand only the very best. We love that! Fortunately, we are up for the task because this is right in our wheelhouse!

Like any reputable hair restoration company that genuinely cares about its customers, we are continuously updating our technical skills as well as expanding the selection of our extensive non-surgical restorative hair loss solutions. Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers a vast selection of different hair restoration system options because everyone’s hair loss situation, individual needs, and expectations are so wide ranging.

For the Guest that is looking for the lace front hair system that delivers the absolute most natural, transparent hairline, our go-to choice is always the Elite Lace. This high-end system is designed and engineered to deliver a supremely natural hairline and provide you with indistinguishable results. Because of its freestyle design, it delivers to you maximal styling control and flexibility so you can be confident in your appearance wherever you go.

The Elite Lace non-surgical hair replacement graft is an advanced system that lets us overcome the technological weaknesses of lesser hair replacement systems on the market. It creates the illusion of growing hair through acute attention to detail. Elite Lace blends perfectly with your own growing or thinning hair to create uniform thickness and body. Like other replacement hair grafts, the Elite Lace eliminates the pain, recovery time, scarring, and expense of hair transplant surgery. It combines the instant, exceptional, visual results of surgical procedures with the ease and affordability of other non-surgical options.

Elite Lace Exudes Versatility & Believability!

The Elite Lace hair replacement system features an exceptional French lace-front base that ensures the illusional reality of a natural growing hairline. Hair is expertly applied with no visible knots and follows a natural looking trajectory and growth pattern and looks totally natural whether you're standing still, or on the move. More importantly, it moves and lies naturally so that combing, wind, and even swimming or showering can't reveal that all of your hair isn't your own.

Let our Elite Hair Loss Solutions Team of professionals deliver the hairstyle you desire! Our Elite Lace Front system is fully customized to your pattern of hair loss making it an extremely versatile non-surgical hair replacement solution that gives you the individualized results you’re looking for. To get the most out of this or any other hair replacement system, you'll need to recognize what kind of coverage you need, and the style you want to succeed!

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Our Experience Will Make Your Difference!

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, you won't have to worry about whether our solutions will work. As our newest Elite Guest, you just have to decide what kind of results to choose! If you find out in your hair and scalp evaluation that your hair loss can't be reversed, we are happy to talk to you about our extensive non-surgical hair restoration options. Every men’s hair restoration circumstances are unique, so working with highly trained, experienced professionals can make all the difference in your hair restoration outcome.

Each of our Elite Team Members is personally trained by American Hair Loss Council Certified Master Stylist Deborah Long to perform expert color matches, highlighting, lowlighting, and make personalized modifications for thickness, density, length, texture, and style of your hair. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today and your Elite Hair Loss Specialist will introduce you to the Elite Lace system as well as the wide array of non-surgical restorative hair loss solutions available. Let us take your image to the next level with our simple 90-minute transformation.