A Better Wig Option for Medical Hair Loss

Our new Medical Wigs were developed in partnership with oncology centers across the country to create a better wig option for women's medical hair loss. While hats, turbans, wraps, and other head-coverings provide options, they're not an ideal solution. This incredible line of Medical Wigs considers comfort first. They're light and gentle on the scalp so that a natural-looking wig can be an option, even on a very sensitive scalp.


Hair loss due to chemotherapy is one of the most common reasons for a woman to consider wearing a wig. We understand that, while all women's hair loss is hard to bear, medical hair loss is sudden, jarring, and truly unfair. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we've helped hundreds of women understand, prepare for, and get through their hair loss. We can even help hair grow back faster once treatment has ended. Our new line of Medical Wigs gives us a new and better way to help our Guests cope with the process of hair loss.

In Medical Hair Loss, The Cap Really Counts!

When someone starts a conversation about wigs, they're usually focused on the hair – whether it's human or synthetic, how it can be parted, and whether it requires a lot of care. Treatment for cancer, however, makes the often-ignored cap part of the wig the most important. Chemotherapy can cause uncomfortable sensitivity, dryness, or irritation in a woman's scalp. This can make wearing even the lightest, softest wigs difficult or even impossible. It can hurt not to have hair and to wear hair. Our super-gentle Medical Wigs for cancer patients can change all that.

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions We Can Do Better!

In the past, companies and hair studios have found amazing ways to replace hair realistically and restore natural coverage. Still, there was a lot to be desired. Our new line of Medical Wigs was created by a groundbreaking women's hair restoration innovator to be the go-to solution for women facing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical treatments. The caps were engineered from square one to be light, gentle, cool, and secure. If you're preparing for chemotherapy, these wigs will ease the burden of hair loss, and our Elite Hair Loss Solutions team will become a valued resource you can count on for all your hair-related concerns.

Featured Medical Wigs

Cancer Survivor on Staff, Ready to Assist You!

If you are in need of a synthetic hair wig due to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any other medically related issue, Elite Hair Loss Solutions is the place for you. Our caring knowledgeable Elite staff members are here to guide you on what you can expect relating to your eminent hair loss.

We have an actual cancer survivor on staff that understands what you are going through and will be an invaluable resource to you for finding the proper, comfortable, Medical Hair Wig. She will also be able to assist you with specially designed products that can alleviate cranial dryness, sensitivity, or discomfort you may experience. Finding the right cosmetic hair replacement for you is essential for your well-being and will allow you to focus on healing. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule your FREE private consultation appointment. We are ready to help!