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Causes of Women's Hair Loss

You can't make a well-informed decision about restoration without understanding exactly what's happening to your hair. When you know which methods reverse which causes, you can decide the outcomes that you want and communicate your expectations to our team. You can trust our studio to be the only resource you ever need to restore your hair.

Hair Loss Solutions for Women

The real problem with hair loss is that it changes your physical appearance so that it's not the same as the way you see yourself. Suddenly, the face looking back at you from the mirror isn't the same as the one you visualize as you plan your life. She's not the woman you see as yourself in your dreams. It can really be traumatic to any woman experiencing hair loss.

One option for dealing with hair loss is to embrace a new vision of the way you look. Another is to make physical changes so that the woman you feel like inside matches the woman you present each day to the world. Whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent, it's up to you to choose. We're not here to sell you something. We're here to help make the image you present on the outside match the women you feel like on the inside.

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With more than 80 years of combined experience, our Elite Team of Professionals understands the anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to thinning hair and hair loss. We provide every Elite Guest with a free evaluation to ensure we accurately assess your hair loss, answer your questions, and give you valuable information on your restorative options. Providing the right solution for you is our goal and we want to exceed your expectations! We know that we are not just restoring beautiful hair—we’re restoring your self-esteem, confidence, and image! Take action on your hair loss today by scheduling your free confidential consultation appointment.


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