jon renau human hair toppers

The Jon Renau Advantage

Human hair toppers have been extensively developed specifically for women to address a wide range of hair loss issues—issues that sometimes take on unpredictable patterns, leaving you frustrated and searching for answers. Even though your own biologically growing hair might not give you the full coverage you need, we can still make the most of the hair you have.

Jon Renau Human Hair Toppers have become the envy of the hair restoration industry! Jon Renau’s exquisite styles and designs are often copied by other manufacturers, but never truly duplicated in terms of quality, overall appearance, and believability.

For women with fine or thinning hair, Jon Renau’s Human Hair Topper pieces can add more than just length, volume, or color—they can restore your well-being. No matter where you are with your hair loss, you, too, can experience instant hair gratification with Jon Renau’s cutting-edge designs and classic styles. Jon Renau’s standards for human hair sourcing, along with their gentle hair processing, protects and enhances the hair’s luster and body, ensuring long-lasting beauty and silky-smooth feel even with regular heat styling.

The design of Jon Renau’s Human Hair Toppers features supremely natural hairlines and simulated root growth, delivering the ultimate natural appearance. These toppers are ideal for women whose hair loss has not progressed to the point where they require a full wig, but simply need more volume, length, or coverage for thinning or balding areas. Each human topper has been painstakingly designed to address specific needs on different areas of the scalp.

Our “Do No Harm” Philosophy

These amazing Jon Renau human hair enhancements enable us to add the precise amount of hair in the areas you need it, without causing damage to your own hair. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we truly care about each and every one of our Guests. With us, you can expect high-end professional hair restoration, help maintaining your own existing hair as much as possible, and the right hair loss solution to replace what you’ve lost. Your Elite Hair Loss Solutions specialist will carefully match your color, size, and topper type, and apply, cut, and blend it perfectly with your own. This professional service is included free of charge with every purchase. In addition to numerous topper options, we also offer professional Trichology protocols for slowing down or stopping your hair loss. It is vital that you take steps as your hair loss will likely continue at its current rate.

The Jon Renau world of diverse human hair topper options makes it possible for every woman to find her perfect texture, color, length, and coverage. Our Jon Renau Human Hair Toppers are grouped according to the hair loss stage they’re designed to help. Please browse the different galleries below and find a topper that works best for you based on your stage of hair loss.

Featured Beginning Stage Toppers

Featured Mid/Progressive Stage Toppers

Featured Advanced Stage Toppers

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Topper!

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