Virtuesse Human Hair Wigs

As a certified Virtuesse salon, we have the privilege of accessing an entire suite of revolutionary hair restoration solutions for all kinds of women's hair loss. For women experiencing total hair loss, we're delighted to feature the option of Virtuesse's own real human hair wigs. This line of incredible lifelike wigs takes all the benefits of Virtuesse and combines them with full coverage that's comfortable and undetectable. With serious style potential and vibrant, salon-inspired colors, these wigs are versatile yet easy to care for.

Full Coverage Hair Just for Women

Virtuesse Wigs by Virtual Reality is famous for developing true-to-life hair restoration methods that are designed specifically for women. Real human hair wig designs are hand-manufactured to meet the unique needs of women experiencing alopecia and other forms of hair loss. Their secure, flexible, and totally custom system allows for complete confidence at every stage of hair loss. If you've enjoyed the benefits of Virtuesse while your hair has been thinning or shedding, you'll see the same benefits in their real human hair wigs.

Wigs are our Passion


At Elite Solutions, we're proud of and fulfilled by the wig craftsmanship and customization we provide to women. Restoring hair seems like it's about physical changes, but it's driven by more important changes that can't be seen. Our wigs restore confidence to women suffering from the stigma of hair loss, and they turn hair from a worry to a delight. A lot has been said about feeling comfortable in your own skin. We think it's just as important to feel comfortable in your own hair.

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Human Hair Wigs

  • Sue's Testimonial

    I am truly blessed to receive the most wonderful, professional, service from the staff at Elite Solutions. I have been a client for 8+ years, and I am grateful every day for the "head of full hair" that I now possess. My hair replacement is of superior quality. And, I strongly recommend anyone, male or female with thinning hair to contact them.

    Sue - Sacramento

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