We want to thank you for choosing Elite Hair Loss Solutions as your hair loss resolution professionals and congratulate you on taking the bold step in your decision to enhance your image through non-surgical hair restoration. It is important to understand that in order to maintain your hair system, specific care and maintenance is required to maximize its value and longevity.

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, it is our job to inform you on the best way to accomplish this by providing this hair system care and maintenance information guide. Whether you are a seasoned hair system veteran, or brand new to hair systems, we provide this information to everyone, and it is available here for you to access it at any time should the need arise.

Our goals in providing this informational guide include the following:

  • To maintain the warranty on your hair replacement system.
  • To provide you a consistent appearance and look your very best every day.
  • To maximize the visual integrity and natural lifespan of your hair replacement system. Specific hair systems have different longevity periods and will vary according to your individual lifestyle and adherence to our home care & maintenance protocols.
  • We want to avoid as much as possible, any potential issues with your hair replacement system.
  • Making your ongoing hair restoration experience the positive life-enhancing choice it is designed to be!

Washing & Conditioning

After each visit to Elite Hair Loss Solutions, AVOID all physical excursion and sweating and DO NOT wash your hair for a full 24 hours (this includes working out, or even swimming.) This small inconvenience allows our medical-grade adhesive to cure to its maximum strength. After the 24-hour wait, it is recommended that you should wash and condition your hair using our exclusive, high-quality CRLAB, Capilia, or Pro Labs Shampoo and Conditioner products. Your Elite Team Member Stylist is happy to assist you with selecting these items at the time of your servicing appointments.

  • You MUST wash and condition your hair system a MINIMUM of 3 times per week, or more. (Yes, you can even wash and condition daily if you choose to).
  • Before washing the hair system, gently brush out all the tangles using the recommended vent brush. NEVER use a comb! (This can cause damage to the base and actually loosen the hand tied hair from the base.)
  • Apply the recommended shampoo and lather from top to ends. NEVER rub or scrub hair back and forth. (This can cause tangling and matting.)
  • Rinse the hair completely with warm or cool water. NEVER hot water! (This can also cause tangling and matting of the hair system.)
  • Next, apply the recommended conditioner, and brush through with your vent brush or fingers. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse.
  • Towel dry the hair by patting. NEVER RUB BACK AND FORTH. (Once again, because tangling and matting will very likely be the result.)
  • Spray the recommended leave-in conditioner (6 to 8 pumps), and brush throughout.
  • Please use ONLY the recommended styling products (gels, glosses, mousse, hairspray, etc…)
  • A blow dryer may be used, only on medium heat.

Pro Tips From The Owners:

  • Protect your investment! Always use only recommended products by Elite Hair Loss Solutions. Our CRLAB, Capilia, and Pro Labs products are designed specifically for non-growing hair and his will keep your hair system in the healthiest possible condition. NEVER use others outside products because will very likely cause damage to the hair and base. Use of other products will void the warranty on your hair system.
  • Use the recommended leave-in conditioner DAILY, to keep the hair soft and pliable. Remember, your hair system hair is no longer growing and is, thereby no longer getting natural oils and nutrients from the scalp. Not providing hydration daily WILL cause the hair in your hair system to become dry, brittle, and WILL shed much faster compromising its lifespan.

Once again, we sincerely thank you for your trust and patronage. We hope you found this hair system care and information beneficial. As our Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guest, your success and happiness is vital to us! Our Elite Team Members will occasionally remind you about the importance of hair care products and maintenance if your hair system is showing premature wear, or neglect. Should you have any questions about the care of your hair restoration system or simply need a little assistance beyond this guide, our Elite Team Members are always just a phone call away. It is our pleasure to serve you!