2 Major Ingredients to Beautiful Hair

Do you desire to have beautiful, healthy hair? Before you start worrying about buying the best hair care products, you may want to think about what products you are using because the health of your hair depends on how healthy you are. However, we tend to buy the most expensive products without doing what is already in our hands...our food! While many of us theoretically know the importance of nutrition, the million-dollar question should be: what can we eat that is good for our hair?


Zinc and iron are two important vitamins that are consistently discussed in relationship to having healthy hair. While there is no evidence to support the link between zinc deficiency and hair loss, there does appear to be a connection between iron and hair loss. Even though the connection between iron and hair shedding is merely correlational, adding moderate amounts of iron-rich foods into your diet could do you a world of good. Meats and fish that are iron-rich include beef, chicken, halibut, haddock, tuna, and veal.


Antioxidants are a very important part of our diet because they moderate the damaging effects of free radicals on cells, including the ones in your hair follicles. Your body naturally has access to antioxidants via the food we eat and the dietary supplements we take. If you're considering a dietary supplement, it's important that you talk to your doctor or a registered dietician.

In addition to developing a healthy diet plan, we recommend that you use the best products for your hair. You can also speak with a Certified Hair Restoration Professional to learn more about preserving the hair you have and/or learn about available men's or women's hair restoration solutions if you are in a moderate or advanced stage of hair loss. At Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento, we provide a private caring environment where we will provide a FREE hair and scalp analysis, and as a result, guide you to the right solution for you.

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