The first 24 hours of a new application of a hair system are the most important, regardless if it was a hair loss solution for men or women. You want to avoid showering, swimming, or sweating during the first 24 hours. If your scalp and system were properly prepped and the adhesive was done by a certified expert, your bond will be secure. After the adhesive has been properly cured you can work out, shower, or swim without risk. If you work out daily, your maintenance might be a little more frequent. Remember that each application is only good for a period of time, usually 4-5 weeks. This time period varies from person to person and can be affected by oily skin, climate, or the use of a sauna.

Remember the importance of the 24 hour curing period and a properly-cleaned scalp and system – and you are good to go! The time that an application will last does vary from person to person but you will soon learn how long each application will last as this becomes part of your normal routine.

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