Ladies with fine or thinning hair (especially at the top of the head), commonly have concerns about their appearance. Only a few short years ago, available partial hair restoration solutions either couldn't be securely attached at the top of the head, didn't look natural, or caused damage to precious biologically growing hair. Thankfully, time and innovation has given way to new application techniques and hair system advancements.

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we take great pride in having by far, the most hair enhancement options and inventory for ladies available in Sacramento. A four to six-month wait to receive your first hair replacement system can be expected at other Sacramento area hair replacement businesses, but not at Elite Hair Loss Solutions. You deserve better! Being able to provide a first-class hair restoration product immediately for our first-time Elite Guests, is extremely important to us. For ladies experiencing diffuse or complete top-of-the-head hair loss, we have created an exceptional high-quality hair system that can deliver your life-changing transformation better, and faster than ever before!

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Personally Designed…for You!

We are pleased to present the Zoe Elite ladies hair replacement system personally designed by American Hair Loss Council Certified Master Stylist, Designer, Educator, and Elite Hair Loss Solutions Owner, Deborah Long. Comfortable, natural-looking, and made from easy-to-style Remy Human Hair, these high-end hair replacement systems can be safely and securely attached to the scalp or even your own growing hair. Elite Hair Loss Solutions stellar Zoe Elite is THE perfect ladies’ hair loss solution that is breathable, customizable, and bondable.

Designing the ultimate, versatile ladies hair replacement system requires a great deal of thought, talent, and expertise. Deborah drew on her 27 years+ of professional industry experience in perfecting her design. She determined what were the most frequently required hair lengths, hair colors, blends, and base design factors our Elite Guest Ladies could possibly need, and then expanded even further. Hair lengths for the Zoe Elite range from 10” to 16” and are available and in stock in a wide array of colors and blends. Styling, sizing, and other design customizations are considered and determined at the time of your consultation as well as your hair system application appointment.

The exclusive Zoe Elite system is applied and maintained exclusively only by your Elite Hair Loss Solutions HQ-trained hair loss professionals in a private, professional, and clinical office environment at Elite Hair Loss Solutions in Sacramento, California. The Zoe Elite requires no shaving of your own hair for secure semi-permanent application and can be worn for 4 to 6 weeks before requiring any in-salon maintenance. This allows you to live your life without the daily stress and anxiety that comes with experiencing progressive hair loss.

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Why Wait, When You Can Have Hair Now!

Ask any of our competitors how long it will take for them to deliver a hair system made to your specifications. Their answers will disappoint you, and there is no real guarantee of what they would deliver or even when. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, in most cases, we will be able to show you the hair system to be applied, before purchasing, and we often will have your application appointment scheduled within a few short days. It is sometimes possible that we can deliver your first hair system on the very same day as your consultation if our schedule permits!

With Elite Hair Loss Solutions, and our vast inventory of restorative hair loss solutions, there is no need to wait. We have hundreds of options in the Zoe Elite hair system as well as several other designs including over-size and full cap customizable prosthesis in stock and available now. In fact, more than 90% of our ladies who come in for their consultation appointments enjoy a zero wait time for delivery of their very first hair system.

Our Elite Team of professionals are among the best trained in the hair restoration industry, so you can be assured that you are in well highly skilled, exceptionally talented, and very capable hands. Your concerns about your hair loss are over, and you have the capability to take control today. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions to schedule your private complimentary consultation appointment and discover how the Zoe Elite Hair System can bring back your best version of YOU!