We say often that our industry isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, since as individuals, our hair loss situations, personal needs, and lifestyles vary greatly. From sizing requirements and hair textures to densities and color tones, there are many elements that come into play when designing a hair system that will deliver a natural appearance. Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we offer a treasure trove of non-surgical hair restoration options for men from all walks of life.

First and foremost, we want you to know that our obligation and duty is to YOU! We take great pride in the fact that we offer more non-surgical hair system options and possess more hair system inventory than all our competitors in Sacramento COMBINED! We strive to make the best-of-the-best hair loss solutions from anywhere world-wide available to you.

Virtual Reality – The Original Derma-lens

For many years, our Virtual Reality hair systems have been our go-to choice for our Elite Guys. What makes Virtual Reality so special is that it isn’t just a single hair system, but a toolbox of different types of hair systems. There are several hair systems with different characteristics in the Virtual Reality collection that all deliver outstanding aesthetics, and an amazingly natural hairline, but two systems stand out as our most popular.

Our Trend system is a thin skin poly base and is still the most widely worn hair system in our Virtual Reality collection. We also have an ideal vented system option for our Elite Guys who are physically active or possess an oily scalp. The Airlite by Virtual Reality features a total of 4 French lace inserts that allow for maximum breathability while maintaining plenty of areas for secure tape or bonding attachment. After 20 years of offering Virtual Reality, these systems are still as relevant, satisfying, and popular with our guests!

Elite Lace – The Lace Front System You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Elite Lace hair restoration system brings the perfect balance of durability and an exceptional hair line in a medium-density hair system. This versatile hair system has become so popular at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we’ve expanded our inventory options to cover the growing customer demand with a wide array of available colors and gray blends. This is an outstanding option we can deliver to our new Elite Guests immediately, but can also be custom ordered, should your hair loss situation require specific parameters.

European Hair in a Men’s System Available Now?

We as owners at Elite Hair Loss Solutions are also hair loss sufferers, so meeting and exceeding our Elite Guests’ demands is a powerful call to action for us. For guys who want next-level hair quality, we offer the Euro Elite hair system. It is a bondable all thin-skin poly base but offers a much higher-grade of unprocessed European Hair. It’s softer, and more resistant to premature shedding, color fade, or breakage. The immediate availability of most colors and gray blends of the Euro Elite hair system upgrade makes it an attractive option.

The Undisputed Champion of Hair Restoration!

For over eight years, Elite Hair Loss Solutions has been the exclusive Sacramento provider of CRLAB’s CNC medical-grade hair system prosthetic. For men, there are now two offerings from CRLAB; the original CNC, and the iTHIN. Both feature identical 3-D imaging technology and 39 stage production steps that provide for the greatest attention to detail and unmatched ordering customization.

The iTHIN system was developed specifically for the U.S. market and offers the same advanced technology attributes as its CNC cousin. With its medical-grade base membrane, excellent durability characteristics, and exquisite 100% unprocessed virgin “grail hair,” the CNC and iTHIN hair systems are beyond any hair restoration product you’ve ever experienced. CRLAB Italian-produced hair systems have become widely known as the gold standard in the non-surgical hair restoration industry for several years running, making CRLAB the undisputed champion.

It’s Now Time to Choose Your Weapon!

As your expert hair restoration provider, we don’t expect you to make this decision on your own. We are here for you and will provide specific hair system recommendations according to your wants, needs, hair loss progression, age, and lifestyle. For more than 90% of our first-time Elite Guests, we have hair systems immediately available for them. Not weeks or months…right away! This is no small feat and requires great preparation, investment, and expertise on our part. Our efforts give you very distinct advantages and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Discovering Elite Hair Loss Solutions was your first step and contacting us is the second very important step. Allow us to help you “choose your weapon” by contacting us today to schedule your zero-pressure private consultation appointment. As your hair restoration partners, we are here to set you up for success!