Are you losing your hair and your self-esteem right along with it? The American Hair Loss Association says by the age of 21 about 25% of males will experience hair loss. By the age of 35 approximately 66% will have appreciable hair loss and by the age of 50 about 85% have significant hair loss. These statistics are pretty overwhelming and the reality of dealing with hair loss can change the way you see yourself. The good news is being bald is a choice and you can do something about it.

For many years the only choice we had was a toupee or hair piece that looked like something was sitting on your head. This is where the name “Rug” came from because toupees looked like a piece of carpet sitting on top of your head. The color, density and the actual hair itself did not match your own growth hair. Everyone knew you were trying to cover up but all you did was draw more attention to your hair loss. Some men just do not look good with a shaved head so their only solution was one of these obvious hair pieces or to just do nothing. This can greatly affect your self-confidence and in some cases can cause depression.

The good news is the days of the “Rug” are long gone. Thanks to modern day technology the non-surgical hair restoration of today is as natural looking as your own original hair. The bases are now so thin they are virtually undetectable. The density and the hair itself are chosen to match your own natural hair in both texture and color including percent of grey if you desire. Nobody will ever know unless you choose tell them. When attached properly by a trained hair replacement specialist you can resume all normal activities like swimming, working out at the gym or any other sporting activity. You will regain all of your confidence and resume a normal life style again. You can shampoo, condition and style your new hair just as you did your own hair prior to your hair loss.

Make an appointment with a qualified hair restoration specialist and start your restoration today. They will answer all your questions and help you find your own personal solution with no risk involved. Remember hair loss is not a choice but you can choose to do something about it and regain your self-confidence once again.

To get answers about restoring your hair, call Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento and let us help you find your way back to a natural full head of hair. Contact us to schedule your free assessment and analysis.