Have you reached the point of being ready to do something about restoring your hair? For those of us who have experienced hair loss, we all understand because we’ve been where you are right now. When you realize your hair loss is progressed beyond a certain point and it’s time to do something about it, reaching out for help by making that first call can be a bit unsettling.

Finding a non-surgical hair restoration studio in your city to assist you usually isn’t very difficult unless you live in a small town or rural area. Discovering the right facility that features the proper attributes to deliver the service and care you deserve requires a bit of due diligence on your part. We offer some insights here on things you may want to consider when choosing a hair restoration studio to assist you.

Is the Business Well Established?

An individually owned single person business does not bode well for long-term hair restoration servicing nor does it offer much flexibility with scheduling. These very small start-up types of businesses never last, so be careful about putting a down payment towards a new hair restoration system. We’ve heard more than our share of stories of vanishing deposits and unscrupulous hair stylists closing their doors and walking away without refunding money.

Products Options & Up-To-Date Technologies

Having many choices for restorative options to choose from is so important since everyone’s needs are different. In an ever changing industry, wouldn’t you want the latest technologies available? A company that delivers to their customers the latest innovations is a company with a sense of pride that truly cares about them. Businesses that are consistently evolving and updating their products and services for the benefit of their customers is like a well-oiled machine that will continue to perform well. You can count on consistency and reliable service long-term with such a business.

Is the Staff Knowledgeable, Well-Trained & Experienced?

When doing your initial research about hair restoration options, write down any questions you may have so you can ask them during your consultation appointment. Don’t be afraid to ask about the training, certifications and experience of the staff as well. You never want your hair to be serviced by any unqualified person. If by chance you have any allergies it’s always advisable to make this known so an adhesive skin patch test may be performed.

A Clean Facility Means They Care!

Having a clean and inviting atmosphere is always important. Sanitation however is extremely imperative these days with the emergence of COVID-19! Before visiting any hair restoration facility, call ahead and ask about the safety measures they have in place for your protection. No matter one’s personal beliefs on this subject, it has to be taken seriously for the protection of everyone. Yes, we have heard about actual hair restoration centers with NO COVID-19 protective protocols in place! Hard to believe, but true!

Compare Websites

This simple exercise may seem somewhat unimportant, but a company that cares enough to create a stellar and up-to-date website to deliver a positive first impression upon you is a really good sign. Many inexperienced hair restoration businesses can be spotted by minimal information offered on their site. With websites that look old, tired, or have dated information, you can expect they’ll offer older technologies at their business.

Before & After Images of Their Own Customers?

While it’s sometimes difficult for customers to allow for video and photographs, before and after images is evidence of a hair restoration studio’s expertise and proficiency and should be featured on their website. A highly skilled, well-established hair replacement company should most definitely and proudly offer visual representation of their work.

Does the Website Include Customer Testimonials?

Customers who are enthusiastic about products and services are sometimes kind enough to share their experiences with others in the form of video, or written testimonials. Absorb and consider what other customers with similar hair loss problems have to offer about their experiences. When you visit the hair restoration center for the first time, pay attention to any customer who may be checking out. How does their hair look? How is the staff engaging with them? It’s usually pretty easy to spot a happy, or unhappy customer.

Online Reviews

This goes hand-in-hand with customer testimonials, but compare and contrast hair restoration companies you are considering as well as how negative reviews are handled. Well established, long-term legitimate businesses who care about their online reputation will respond to negative reviews in a professional manner, even with the most unreasonable reviewer which does sometimes happen even to the very best businesses.

Become an Elite Guest!

We hope you find this information valuable. You can be assured that with every item listed above, Elite Hair Loss Solutions shines brightly and checks every box. With more than 21 years in business, world-class hair restoration options, and some of the finest hands in the industry all under one roof, we know you will be pleased with your results. Elite Hair Loss Solutions will strive every day to exceed your expectations. Contact us today, you won’t be disappointed.