Elite is fantastic...they have given me the opportunity to put my hair back on my head....where it belongs. Angela is my stylist and is very talented and well trained. From my first visit through my system and now 60 days in, the experience has been second to none. Just when you think there is no choice but to embrace your baldness, be "rest assured" there is Elite who can and will put amazing hair back on your head!

The owners are very courteous and see to it their clients have a memorable experience! People ask me if it's expensive? I don't think so considering what I'm getting in return. It is truly a preference and you will need to budget your new look just like any life altering experience. Elite has restored my youth, confidence, and self-esteem... This in itself can open many doors and opportunities to those who have been held back or concerned with their look losing their hair. Who knows it could open doors and career opportunities.

Ronald H. – Roseville

I have been a client of several local hair solution businesses. Since the early age of 21 I have experienced hair loss. I considered myself a very rare case of an individual who was not living life as I wanted. Because of my hair loss I missed out on many important events. I had co-workers, family members and friends that had not seen me without a hat since the age of 21. I had struggled with hair loss most of my life up until just 8 months ago. The team at Elite Hair Loss Solutions are more than just a business, they are really there for your best interest and truly make you feel good about yourself and your needs. I am free of ball caps and more happy now at age 51 than I have ever been! Their hair solutions are state of the art and the best on the market. You deserve it to yourself to just experience what I have. It was life changing!

Ron V – Citrus Heights

I just want to say that Elite Solutions is a fantastic place to get your hair done and they know what they are doing compare to other Sacramento hair replacement companies. When you walk in they treat you with great respect and a great smile. Thank you guys what you do keep up the great work.

Joe V – El Dorado Hills

My husband has worn hair replacement for more than 20 years and it’s been a difficult journey. Neither of us have ever really been very pleased with the quality of hair systems he received or the cutting and blending of them. He’s had to wear hats frequently because more often than not, his hair just didn’t look very good. We were frustrated and wanted better.

Joining Elite Hair Loss Solutions two years ago has been a wonderful experience. My husband now has an updated, more modern hairstyle and he’s received excellent service from the talented hair stylists there. On each of our visits, the staff has always pleasant and the salon always is clean and well maintained. We are pleased with their services and would recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions to anyone who is looking for a substantial improvement for their hair replacement needs.

Elke F. – Stockton

In our society, we are measured to a large extent by how we look. It affects our ability to land a good job, to spark the interest of an attractive female, and ultimately, how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror. I have been a client for more than 13 years, and Elite Solutions' stylists are true artists in their respective field. There is a reason I have been a client so hair looks great!

Dave D. - Loomis

You cannot do better than Elite Solutions, a private and professional establishment. Don't waste time. Go in for yourself and experience it for yourself".

Thomas - Sacramento

Real undetectable hair systems are not only pricey but have a short life span so it is an on-going commitment and a life style (no pun intended). At Elite I have the best of both worlds. Great hair I don't have to worry about, and prices that actually fit my budget". Thank you Deb & Gary!

Rob - Carmichael

Good stylists can be found in any large city but there is more than styling at stake when it comes to matching hair brought in from around the world like China and India and then blended with your own hair. It is an art and Elite Solutions has that ability. I'm so glad I found Elite Solutions.

Gregg - Sacramento

All walks of life are welcomed regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation which makes it all that more special to me. The staff warmly greets their clients and just smothers them with kindness and genuine smiles! When I am there, I am "Protected and Respected." I have been going to Elite Hair Loss Solutions for 19 years now. If you want or need privacy, this is the place to go! Private spacious rooms, a modern clean look and top of the line products await you. Gracious people and understanding of people's personal needs. Once you have walked into Elite Hair Loss Solutions, you have entered a high-end salon, not some Mom and Pop clip and snip hair joint.

I had sort of an out of normal hair loss need and I am lucky to be able to work with the owner Deb. She's absolutely great and has always gone the extra mile for me. You cannot do better than Elite Hair Loss Solutions, a private and professional establishment. Don't waste time. Go in for yourself and experience it for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised! Elite is just a great place to plant your future!

Doug E. - Placerville

I am a Virtual Reality client that travels often to California and I was referred to Elite Hair Loss Solutions from the Studio I currently go to in South Florida. Of course I was nervous at first having someone I didn't know taking care of my hair. I'm very particular about my appearance to say the least. When I arrived at the studio Deborah and Gary both made me feel right at home. Their level of compassion combined with expertise really shined through. I look amazing when Deborah finished styling my hair.

There is only one studio in Northern California that I would let take care of my hair or refer a friend too . That Studio is definitely Elite Solutions ~!

K.A. Baszto – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am over 50...due to age my hair is thinning...the owner recommended a product that would stop my hair from thinning and make my hair healthier. After 2 months and 10 days of using the product (faithfully) I noticed a big difference where my hair was actually thicker. Thanks Debbie!

Kent - Sacramento

I love my hair, I don't like being bald and my wife tells me that she loves my hair and that I look 10 years younger...what else can I ask for. The staff at Elite Solutions are wonderful trusting people.

Morris - Sacramento

The hair systems Elite Solutions delivers is simply amazing. Even when I tell people I wear a system they don't believe me. It's completely undetectable and looks amazing. Thank you Elite Solutions!


"Anyone who is thinking of taking the leap into hair restoration, please read my review. I began my search for hair restoration years ago when I started to experience minimal hair loss at age 25. Quick to the point - nothing worked. Laser comb - NOPE Propecia - NOPE Hair Transplant - first, years later NOPE. I was very apprehensive about another hair loss solution product given the historical evidence I experienced. I found Elite Hair 5 years ago through my in depth due diligence I consistently conducted since I was yet to be satisfied with my current hair loss situation. Last month I made the transition to Elite Hair's product. I am very satisfied, more than I expected. Here's why: My fears included: looking fake, feeling uncomfortable, people noticing a difference, etc. None were a concern. The hair system looks and feels real. I don't even notice it on my head. It feels like its a part of me. Not one friend or family member noticed it...a huge plus! My only regret is I didn't become a client sooner. If you're considering Elite as a hair loss solution and you have doubts - Don't. You'll be happy you did it. The have a great team who cares."

Jason Jokerst - Sacramento

I have now been an Elite Solutions client for almost 17 years. It was clear to me from the very beginning that this hair restoration company was different from any other I had visited. The staff at Elite Not only treats me as a customer, but as a real person. Over the years I have noticed the owners of Elite have consistently upgraded their hair systems whenever new technologies have become available. These people really do care about me! I now wear the Cesare Ragazzi system and it's simply phenomenal. It is by far the finest hair system I've ever worn in 23 years of wearing hair replacement. I give Elite Solutions Hair Solutions my highest recommendation for excellent hair system quality, unmatched technical skills and outstanding service!

Gary D., Wilton

Having people who are as concerned as I was about my hair loss was comforting and reassuring. The make over from a little bit of hair to natural head of hair was amazing. I feel wonderful and so I am willing to travel to get the look I want and need. Thank you Elite Solutions you guys are the best.

Larry – Reno, Nevada

Living without my own hair and being in sales all my life has been most difficult for me. After 20 years of constant worry, by chance, I discovered Elite Solutions. The attention to ME, the product quality, and excellent services have brought the comfort and confidence back into my life!

Happy AL - Sacramento, California

Thank you for taking such good care of my mother. We didn't know what to expect knowing that she was going to have to wear a wig...but really she loves her wigs because she looks so great and they are so comfortable. Thank you Elite Solutions!

Dan - Loomis

Thank you Elite Solutions for the amazing one-step process of getting my hair back. I feel confident and great. I have my hair back thanks to your one hour cosmetic miracle!

Virg – Rancho Murieta

I am completely satisfied and so is my wife, she loves my hair! My sales have even gone up almost 20% because of having a more professional appearance! Thank you Deborah at Elite Solutions.

Ted - Sacramento

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