Quite a few of our Elite Hair Loss Solutions Guests have been with us for over 20 years—proof that we’re certainly taking really good care of them—and that pleases us beyond words. Doing right by our Elite Guests is something we take very seriously as we really do want a “Guest for Life.”

Sharing personal experiences about something as sensitive as hair loss is not always easy. Please understand and absorb what our cherished Elite Guests have to say and realize that what they are saying to you is very personal. We sincerely hope that someday, you will be kind enough to share your own Elite Hair Loss Solutions experiences so others may benefit as well.

so comfortable

"Thank you for taking such good care of my mother. We didn't know what to expect knowing that she was going to have to wear a wig...but really she loves her wigs because she looks so great and they are so comfortable. Thank you Elite Solutions!"


my highest recommendation

"I have now been an Elite Solutions client for almost 17 years. It was clear to me from the very beginning that this hair restoration company was different from any other I had visited. The staff at Elite not only treats me as a customer, but as a real person. Over the years I have noticed the owners of Elite have consistently upgraded their hair systems whenever new technologies have become available. These people really do care about me! I now wear the CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) system and it's simply phenomenal. It is by far the finest hair system I've ever worn in 23 years of wearing hair replacement. I give Elite Solutions Hair Solutions my highest recommendation for excellent hair system quality, unmatched technical skills and outstanding service!"


expertise, patience, fun & understanding

"Elite Solutions: Your expertise, patience, fun, and understanding mean so much to both of us. Paul's life has improved so much and you do the most brilliant job every time."


more to gain than expected

"Elite Hair Solutions changed my life! I not only got my hair back, but my confidence too! I had been too shy to go out in public for years. Once I heard about Elite Hair Solutions, I thought I didn't have anything to lose. It turns out, I had more to gain than I expected. My hair is better now than it ever was naturally! I am so glad I found Elite Hair Solutions!"


helpful & knowledgeable staff

"The staff was so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to my needs. Hair loss for a women can be very difficult they were very sensitive and caring while being absolute professionals! Thank you Debby for all your help!"


great hair & prices that fit my budget

"Real undetectable hair systems are not only pricey but have a short life span so it is an on-going commitment and a life style (no pun intended). At Elite I have the best of both worlds. Great hair I don't have to worry about, and prices that actually fit my budget. Thank you Deb & Gary!"


my hair looks great

"In our society, we are measured to a large extent by how we look. It affects our ability to land a good job, to spark the interest of an attractive female, and ultimately, how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror. I have been a client for more than 13 years, and Elite Solutions' stylists are true artists in their respective field. There is a reason I have been a client so long...my hair looks great!"


head of full hair

"I am truly blessed to receive the most wonderful, professional, service from the staff at Elite Solutions. I have been a client for 8+ years, and I am grateful every day for the 'head of full hair' that I now possess. My hair replacement is of superior quality. And, I strongly recommend anyone, male or female with thinning hair to contact them."


Worth Every Penny

"Elite Hair Loss Solutions' hair restoration service has changed my life! I'm very active in my personal and professional life, and I no longer worry about my hair loss and my outlook on life has soared. The cost for Elite's excellent services fit my budget and is worth every penny and then some!!

Deb is very sweet and her technical expertise is outstanding. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair! If hair loss is adversely affecting your life, know that there are phenomenal solutions available. Call Debby, she can help you!!"


searched high and low

"One of the services that Elite Solutions offers is the Virtual Reality Systems its hair replacement systems for men that are really amazing. I have been experiencing hair loss since my early 30s and frankly I have searched high and low for something natural and I didn't find anything until I came across Virtual Reality. I have been wearing VR now for over 10 years and every year it seems like they get better."

Elk Grove

can never go back to anything else

"In the 22+ years I have had hair loss issues, I have tried every type of wig and hair system out there. Some were good, some were bad, some were really, really bad! A few months ago, I found Elite Solutions online was excited to become one of the very first people in the United States to try the CRLAB (formerly known as Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) hair system from Italy. I can tell you, my experience with this new hair has been completely life-changing. It's easy to manage, doesn't mat, and is more versatile than any hair replacement I have every worn before. After wearing CRLAB for three months, the hair is still just as spectacular as the day I was fitted. I can never, ever go back to anything else I have ever tried. This system is worth every penny and then some. Thank you Elite Solutions!"


Can't Praise Them Enough

"I bless the day I discovered Elite Hair Loss Solutions to deal with my alopecia. I had visited other hair restoration salons and was disappointed in the personnel and facilities. My apprehension turned to joy when I had a consultation at Elite. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and respects your privacy. The salon is beautifully appointed. Debbie is not only an expert in her field but is extremely gracious. Her commitment to her profession is commendable. I have been a client for over five years and can't praise them enough!"


looks better than my real hair

"I always thought of hair replacement as a thing that really un-cool guys do.....bad toupees and weird looking transplants, but Elite Solutions is different. Virtual Reality is THE cosmetic solution that looks as good if not better than when I had a real head of hair."

Fair Oaks

I feel great

"The truth is, I feel great. I'm grateful for this amazing product that gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on and off stage. My life wouldn't be the same without it."

New York

Feel so much younger

"I feel so much younger. People used to talk about me. Now they want to look like me!"

Minneapolis, MN

clear & easy choice

"Once I made the decision to pursue a hair restoration solution, it was a clear and easy choice to become a client of Elite Solutions. Deborah & Gary run a quality establishment with customer service satisfaction being their top priority. I have now been an Elite Solutions client for over 14 years because I know the Virtual Reality products are by far the best in the world!"

El Dorado Hills

Outstanding Product & Service

"I was a client of a major club company for hair systems for years, but was looking for other options. I heard about Elite Solutions and the Virtual Reality system, and it sounded very interesting to me. I became a Virtual Reality client and would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for satisfaction with the product, the quality, and the option of having a hair replacement that's easy to take care of. The staff at Elite treats each client on a personal and professional level and listens to their needs. The other major company operates more on quantity than quality. I highly recommend Virtual Reality and Elite for outstanding product and service. I'm a long-time and very satisfied client."


completely undetectable

"The hair systems Elite Solutions delivers is simply amazing. Even when I tell people I wear a system they don't believe me. It's completely undetectable and looks amazing. Thank you Elite Solutions!"

Perfect for My Active Life

"In my mid twenties, I was quickly becoming noticeably bald. It was at this time that I opted for a less-than-professional hair system. I endured clips and other discomforting methods of applications, as well as the uncomfortable feeling of everyone noticing that I wore a hair piece. After many years of searching, I have finally found the hair system that is all that any guy could ever want. The Virtual Reality hair system is perfect for the active sports guy, including water sports. It looks so natural that I actually had to let my girlfriend in on the fact that I wear a hair system! I treat Virtual Reality as though it were my own natural hair. I shampoo it, dry and style it. Its application is simple and painless. If you are the guy who is wanting to look your best and maintain your self confidence, I highly recommend Virtual Reality and Elite Solutions."


won't regret it

"When my extension specialist mentioned that I could have the same kind of comfort with a system that was unlike anything else she had seen, I was intrigued. When I actually tried the system I knew that it was something I had to have because thinning hair was something I had lived with for too long. I recommend any woman suffering from hair loss to go in and meet with their specialist. You won't regret it."

Schedule Your Free CONSULTATION

With more than 80 years of combined experience, our Elite Team of Professionals understands the anxiety and uncertainty when it comes to thinning hair and hair loss. We provide every Elite Guest with a free evaluation to ensure we accurately assess your hair loss, answer your questions, and give you valuable information on your restorative options. Providing the right solution for you is our goal and we want to exceed your expectations! We know that we are not just restoring beautiful hair—we’re restoring your self-esteem, confidence, and image! Take action on your hair loss today by scheduling your free confidential consultation appointment.


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