I have been a client of elite solutions for 12 years. I am still a very happy and satisfied Elite Solutions client. They are a great group of professionals.

Jeffry - Sacramento


I have been a client of Elite Solutions for 2.5 years. The facility is impressive and the service is wonderful. Elite Solutions gifted stylist are the best I have ever experienced.

Debbie - Sacramento

I have to admit, I was a little nervous coming to a hair replacement salon for the first time a few months ago. However, once I stepped into the door of Elite Hair Loss Solutions, I realized I had no reason to be nervous. The salon is tastefully decorated and the rooms are private. Angi, my Image Consultant and stylist, was very informative, answered all my questions, and immediately put me at ease. I later met the business owners, Debbie and Gary, and it is obvious they all really care about their clients and want to help those with hair loss gain confidence by providing the best solution for each individual. The end result was exactly what I had hoped for. I recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions to anyone suffering from hair loss. You won't be disappointed

Sherrill M. – Sacramento

Elite Hair Loss Solutions’ hair restoration service has changed my life! I’m very active in my personal and professional life and I no longer worry about my hair loss and my outlook on life has soared. The cost for Elite’s excellent services fit my budget and is worth every penny and then some!!

Deb is very sweet and her technical expertise is outstanding. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair! If hair loss is adversely affecting your life, know that there are phenomenal solutions available. Call Debby, she can help you!!

Kathi B. – Sacramento

The best way to describe Elite Hair Loss Solutions...Changed my Life!!! I have dealt with hair loss most of my life and came to them looking for the best solution for me. Not only did they give me several options to fit my budget but they truly care about making you comfortable and understand your situation. All I can say is thank you to them and if anyone else is considering getting a beautiful head of hair this is the place you want to go!

Jen U. – Sacramento

I bless the day I discovered Elite Hair Loss Solutions to deal with my alopecia. I had visited other hair restoration salons and was disappointed in the personnel and facilities. My apprehension turned to joy when I had a consultation at Elite. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and respects your privacy. The salon is beautifully appointed. Debbie is not only an expert in her field but is extremely gracious. Her commitment to her profession is commendable. I have been a client for over five years and can't praise them enough!

Darlene B. – Placerville

Elite Solutions is an excellent salon for anyone seeking a solution to thinning hair for any reason. They offer many different approaches to solving hair issues, with knowledge that's hard to find elsewhere. I've been coming here for many years, and will continue to do so. I'm delighted with how my hair extensions feel and look, and consider myself fortunate to have discovered them. I highly recommend them for all hair problems, whether you just want more or longer hair, or have health or genetic issues resulting in loss. You won't be sorry for contacting them, they're very understanding and compassionate to those of us who have less than perfect hair!

D.O. – Sacramento

I am such a fan of Elite Hair Loss Solutions. I have been going there since 2006. Everyone there have been so helpful and they go out of their way to accommodate you. I like the fact that while your hair is being serviced you are in a private room and no one knows the type of service you are receiving. Out of all of the salons that I have gone to this is the only one that got it right.

I am over 50...due to age my hair is thinning...the owner recommended a product that would stop my hair from thinning and will regrow my hair. After 2 months and 10 days of using the product (faithfully) I noticed a big difference where my hair was actually thicker.

I absolutely love my Elite stylists...they are TRUE artists. My hair has never look this great. Well worth the money. I highly recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions!

DJ...A Customer For Life :-). - Mountain House

I have had the pleasure & privilege to work with Elite Hair Loss Solutions' staff and owners. They are a group of very loving and caring hair professionals that are dedicated & offer optimal service and products to a specialized and sensitive clientele. I have been in the Hair Replacement industry for over 30+ years in the manufacturing end and I can say with certainty that, Elite Hair Loss Solutions is on the top of my Professional Hair Replacement Referral Listing. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a hair replacement challenge or need. Our industry as a whole should have more studios like Elite Hair Loss Solutions.

Ciomara C. - Kansas

After cancer treatments, my hair loss was significant and did not come back the way I needed it to. After researching several companies in Sacramento I discovered Elite Hair Loss Solutions.

Debby presented several hair loss solutions, and I opted for the Cesare Ragazzi hair system. It has changed my life in such a positive way. I now have beautiful hair that is easy to style. I look and feel like my old self again and I highly recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions to anyone who is seeking hair loss professionals. Thank you so much Debby!

Carey W – Sacramento

So a little while back, a friend of mine, who happens to be an absolutely beautiful woman, told me that her hair was not her own... I was completely surprised because her hair looks 100 percent natural!! She told me due to a genetic condition, she had lost the majority of her hair over the years, which left her with sparse bald patches. Living in a society where a women's hair is her crowning glory, I can imagine how devastating it would be to lose your hair.

Well that's where Elite Solutions comes in to help. They provide quality care and options to people who maybe thought there was none. My friend gets her hair done regularly at Elite. She wears a hair replacement system which is actually human hair, so she can style it, color it, cut it, and whatever else anyone would do with their hair really. It’s incredible because I knew her for months before she casually mentioned the fact that she wears a hair replacement... If she didn't tell me I would have never known. That's how good Elite's quality of product and work is! They have many years of experience and confidence in their work. But most of all they are compassionate and caring people who will treat everyone with respect. It's comforting to know that quality of life doesn't have to be lost with hair loss.

Brenda B – Sacramento

I have received your scalp treatment service twice and it is amazing! My dry scalp and irritation were pretty prominent, itching all of the time with a very flaky scalp, and even after just one treatment my scalp wasn't itchy or flaky AT ALL for about 3 days and then after that, I just had a little irritation once or twice a day until it was time to wash. The texture of my hair has also really changed for the better. It feels so much softer now, and my shedding has been cut by about 75%! The Capilia products are worth every penny and probably the only ones I will use moving forward. I wash normal and massage a healthy amount of the conditioner into my scalp and let it sit before rinsing. It has a beautiful smell and tingles when you let it soak in. I would recommend these treatments to everyone, but especially to anyone suffering from an itchy or dry scalp. I thought scalp irritation was something I just had to live with since I wasn't getting any helpful advice from the professionals I saw. The steroid cream my doctors prescribed did NOT work for me and everyone else just told me to wash my hair more often. My friends and family have noticed a change in my hair but most importantly I feel so much better and happy I can wear my hair down again without worrying about flakes or coarseness. Thank you so much Elite Solutions! You guys really provide top-notch services utilizing the best technology and product quality in everything you do.

Kirsten T – Sacramento

My hair was thinning to the point my scalp was visible on top and on the sides. I went to Elite Solutions after finding it on-line. My goal was to purchase a wig. Then I met and talked with Dana who recommended scalp treatments for me. I had been told that due to my age my hair follicles were likely dead. I had considered medical procedures (Hair Follicle Regeneration) to promote growth. I started the scalp treatments with Dana. After just two treatments my dry, naturally curly hair came to life! I decided to buy the "at-home" serum and products. Soon, I cancelled the appointment for medical procedures and purchased the laser cap made by the company that developed the scalp treatments. To make a long story short, after seven months, I have my hair back. No longer is it "see-through"! The thickness has increased by at least 40%. The wig is in a box. Not only are the products WONDERFUL, but these are people who care. They listen to your concerns, they evaluate your scalp, and they are committed to helping you find just the right solution instead of just selling you some products that don't work like many salons you can go to. I plan on staying with these treatments and products. I believe in another 7 months, I will have even thicker hair. It is already shiny and in soft, healthy curls. But you have to USE the at home tools too if you want the best results! I wish I had started these treatments 25 years ago! If you have thinning hair in your family, don't delay! Thank you Dana and everyone at Elite Solutions. Thank you!

Elaine V – Sacramento

Elite is fantastic...they have given me the opportunity to put my hair back on my head....where it belongs. Angela is my stylist and is very talented and well trained. From my first visit through my system and now 60 days in, the experience has been second to none. Just when you think there is no choice but to embrace your baldness, be "rest assured" there is Elite who can and will put amazing hair back on your head!

The owners are very courteous and see to it their clients have a memorable experience! People ask me if it's expensive? I don't think so considering what I'm getting in return. It is truly a preference and you will need to budget your new look just like any life altering experience. Elite has restored my youth, confidence, and self-esteem... This in itself can open many doors and opportunities to those who have been held back or concerned with their look losing their hair. Who knows it could open doors and career opportunities.

Ronald H. – Roseville

I have been a client of several local hair solution businesses. Since the early age of 21 I have experienced hair loss. I considered myself a very rare case of an individual who was not living life as I wanted. Because of my hair loss I missed out on many important events. I had co-workers, family members and friends that had not seen me without a hat since the age of 21. I had struggled with hair loss most of my life up until just 8 months ago. The team at Elite Hair Loss Solutions are more than just a business, they are really there for your best interest and truly make you feel good about yourself and your needs. I am free of ball caps and more happy now at age 51 than I have ever been! Their hair solutions are state of the art and the best on the market. You deserve it to yourself to just experience what I have. It was life changing!

Ron V – Citrus Heights

I just want to say that Elite Solutions is a fantastic place to get your hair done and they know what they are doing compare to other Sacramento hair replacement companies. When you walk in they treat you with great respect and a great smile. Thank you guys what you do keep up the great work.

Joe V – El Dorado Hills

My husband has worn hair replacement for more than 20 years and it’s been a difficult journey. Neither of us have ever really been very pleased with the quality of hair systems he received or the cutting and blending of them. He’s had to wear hats frequently because more often than not, his hair just didn’t look very good. We were frustrated and wanted better.

Joining Elite Hair Loss Solutions two years ago has been a wonderful experience. My husband now has an updated, more modern hairstyle and he’s received excellent service from the talented hair stylists there. On each of our visits, the staff has always pleasant and the salon always is clean and well maintained. We are pleased with their services and would recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions to anyone who is looking for a substantial improvement for their hair replacement needs.

Elke F. – Stockton

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