For decades, men have enjoyed the benefits of technological advancement and scientific breakthroughs related to hair loss. Finally Virtuesse makes one of the most natural-looking hair restoration methods, formerly made for men, available to women facing all stages and types of loss.

A Specialized Custom Hair System

Virtuesse hair system women Virtuesse hair exceeds the comfort, flexibility, and natural appearance of nearly all hair restoration options that came before it. It provides an alternative to extensions, wigs, prostheses, hairpieces, and hair integrations. It tastefully reveals your scalp just like your natural hair. It adds hair in any pattern to achieve exactly the volume and coverage that's natural for you. Virtuesse allows us to artfully reconstruct your natural hairline while remaining undetectable.

Non-Invasive Hair Grafting for Women

The Virtuesse hair system is among those hair restoration solutions that can only be delivered by individually trained and certified specialists. Its application requires careful attention to intricate details and a trained eye for realism. Virtuesse hair is made up of two key components: perfectly matched replacement hair and a micro-thin transparent membrane that bonds to the surface of the scalp. To achieve a completely natural appearance, each tiny graft of new hair is individually embedded in the surface of the membrane. Every strand of hair is strategically placed so that it follows the natural growth pattern, trajectory, and motion of your growing hair. In the end, you're left with exactly as much hair as you want, all extending from your scalp like your natural hair.

You don't have to wonder if Virtuesse will work.

Created exclusively for women experiencing female hair loss or hair thinning, a personalized Virtuesse hair replacement system guarantees a significant increase in hair density. It delivers unquestionable results without surgery, scarring, discomfort, or downtime. You'll see the results immediately, but your new hair can be added gradually so that others won't notice the change.

Elite Solutions is proud to be the exclusive Sacramento area provider of this stellar women's hair replacement option. Call Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento at (916) 635-4433 to discover potential solutions for your hair loss.

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Women's Hair Loss Solutions

  • Marsha's Testimonial

    Elite Solutions has talented, patient, and pleasant stylists that are truly dedicated to making sure I am happy. My hair looks natural and unbelievably like my own in structure, style, and color. I am proud to mingle in a professional circle, and more importantly, I feel beautiful to my husband. At Elite, I get superior service, beautiful hair systems, and peace of mind that I will never leave their salon unhappy.

    Marsha - Sacramento, California


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