Raquel Welch Black Label 100% Human Hair Wigs

2018 Marks 20 Years of Exceptional Raquel Welch Wigs!

Raquel Welch Black Label 100% Human Hair Wigs

Raquel Welch's Black Label 100% Human Hair Wigs take the RW quality you know and trust to a whole new level. Delivering both realness and comfort, even on the most sensitive scalp, these handmade pieces have an exactness that's never been achieved by other wig lines.

To create incredible style and an undetectable hairline, Black Label blends colors to mimic natural highlights and features seamless details. The quality, texture, and color of Raquel Welch hair is consistent with their already stellar level of quality. But the nearly invisible ultra-sheer lace front gives you the freedom to muss your hair, part on the left, right or center, and diversify your day-to-day style.

With Raquel's Black Label 100% Human Hair wigs, you have to see it to believe it.   Call 916-635-4433 today to schedule your free private consultation at Elite Hair Loss Solutions...Sacramento's premier Wig, Hair Restoration, & Hair Loss Prevention professionals.

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Human Hair Wigs

  • Darlene B's Testimonial

    I bless the day I discovered Elite Hair Loss Solutions to deal with my alopecia. I had visited other hair restoration salons and was disappointed in the personnel and facilities. My apprehension turned to joy when I had a consultation at Elite. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and respects your privacy. The salon is beautifully appointed. Debbie is not only an expert in her field but is extremely gracious. Her commitment to her profession is commendable. I have been a client for over five years and can't praise them enough!

    Darlene B. – Placerville

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