We want to thank you for your purchase and for allowing us the opportunity to assist you. It is very important to us as your hair alternative professionals, that you get the most out of your hair enhancement purchase. In order to maximize the lifespan of your synthetic hair wig or topper, it is imperative that a specific home care regimen be adhered to. Utilizing recommended products and proper care can truly make all the difference, and we happily offer the following professional tips.

Care & Maintenance

  • It is recommended to wash your synthetic hair wig or topper enhancement every 6 – 10 wears.
  • Before washing, gently remove any tangles with the recommended brush or wide toothcomb.
  • Wet your hair enhancement under running cool water (bathroom sink is best to use).
  • Apply recommended synthetic hair shampoo and lather into hair going in the same direction. (Top to ends)
  • Rinse completely under running cool water.
  • Lay it down on a towel and wrap it, then gently squeeze or pat dry.
  • Spray with recommended leave-in conditioning spray for synthetic hair (5 to 8 pumps). Always keep away from the base of the wig or topper to avoid loosening up the hand-tied knots.
  • Use your recommended brush or wide-tooth comb to gently detangle and evenly distribute the leave-in conditioner.
  • Air dry on a plastic wig stand. DO NOT blow dry, this will damage your synthetic wig.
  • To style, you can use a canvas block head for more stability. Use your fingers or brush/wide tooth comb and add a small amount of recommended fiber crème and a recommended hairspray. This will add texture, definition, and hold.

Pro Tips From the Owners:

  • Never sleep in your wig or topper! The friction will cause rough ends and damage. (Headwraps are great to use to sleep in)
  • Be cautious standing near hot heat sources (open ovens, barbecue grills, etc.). Exposure to excessive heat will most certainly damage the fibers.
  • To fix damaged fibers, professional steaming will help to smooth fibers back down. (Please call us for assistance with this)
  • Do not swim in your synthetic wig or topper! Chlorinated water will damage your synthetic hair enhancement product. (We can always give other options for swimming)

your guide to synthetic wig and topper care and maintenance

Heat Defiant (HD) Synthetic Wig & Topper Maintenance

  • As with regular synthetic fibers it is recommended to wash your synthetic wig or topper every 6-10 wears.
  • Before washing your wig or topper, always gently remove tangles with a recommended wide tooth comb.
  • Wet the HD wig or topper under running cool water (bathroom sink is best to use).
  • Apply recommended HD synthetic shampoo and lather into the hair going in the same direction. (Top to ends)
  • Rinse under running cool water, then lay wig or topper onto a towel and wrap, gently squeeze or pat dry.
  • Spray recommended HD conditioning detangler on to wig or topper (5 to 8 pumps) focusing mid-length to ends avoiding the base of the wig or topper. (This will help keep hand-tied knots from loosening) Use a wide tooth comb to comb through. ONLY USE WIDE TOOTH COMB ON HD FIBERS! Do not use a brush, this will cause frizzing and tangling thereby damaging the fibers.
  • Air dry your HD wig or topper on a plastic wig stand.
  • Before using any heat styling tools, spray recommended heat treat thermal protectant on each section before curling or flat ironing.
  • HD fibers can withstand heat up to 325 degrees, we recommend lower temperatures around 280 to 300 degrees to be safer in protecting the fibers.
  • Use recommended fiber crème for texture and hairspray for hold.

Pro Tips From the Owners:

  • Over time, synthetic fibers will frizz and tangle with regular wear. Use your flat iron to smooth frizz before washing or have the salon studio professionally steam out the frizz.
  • We recommend using the recommended synthetic hair detangler every day to detangle, especially if it’s a mid-length to long-length product. It will help to reduce frizz and tangling.
  • We recommend using only professional heat styling tools on your synthetic wig or topper with digital temperature settings to control the heat.

Curling and Flat Ironing Tips:


  • Gather sections of hair into curling iron, rolling hair towards the base, staying 2 inches away from the base.
  • Hold for 10 to 15 seconds, turning the tip towards the ground, and release the curl into the palm of your hand.
  • While holding the curl in one hand and gathering it up towards the base, secure it with a small metal clip (like a pin curl).
  • Allow the curl to cool for 5 minutes, then release and shake out or comb through with the wide tooth comb.

Flat Ironing

  • Starting at the nape (back) take 1-inch sections
  • Spray each section with recommended heat thermal protectant
  • Slowly smooth flat iron through each section from top to bottom, staying 1 or 2 inches away from the base.
  • Allow to cool completely for 5 to 10 minutes.

Thank you once again for placing your trust in Elite Hair Loss Solutions. If you have any questions about the care of your synthetic wig or topper, please contact us for assistance. We are always here for you!