The pressure has never been greater in our society to look good. The competition for a job often is influenced by our appearance. Our confidence can even be affected by our outward appearance especially when it comes to our hair. For women, their hair is referred to as their “Crowning Glory” and the importance of how their hair looks has never been more important. All of the teasing, backcombing, and blow-drying can take a toll on the health of our hair. This is a big factor since almost half of all women suffer some hair loss by age fifty.

The good news is you can do something about it. For years wigs were something comedians made jokes about. When you see someone wearing a wig, that is obviously a wig, be honest you laughed inside and thought, "I would never wear one of those." Everyone had a grandmother or an aunt that had a wig that just did not look natural. Well, the days of your grandmother’s unsightly wigs are gone. The time when no one would admit to wearing a wig is gone.

Celebrities like Raquel Welch, Christie Brinkley, and Joan Collins have come out with their own line of wigs. Big stars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Manaj make no secret about the fact they wear wigs. They are proud of the way they can change their look in a matter of minutes and still set the tone for fashion. It adds to their individuality; it is what enables them to be the unique stars they are. Today it is not a problem to go from short hair to long and back to short hair. Because of these stars, it has become socially acceptable if not expected to change your look.

It is not just because of these stars setting the tone for this change. Technology has made this all possible for you; the new synthetic materials that look and feel just like human hair has made a major contribution. The synthetic wigs are easily affordable on almost any budget. This also allows you to have more than one wig in different lengths and styles. You can also change your color as often as you like – the options are basically limitless.

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