In today’s world, taking control of your hair loss is so much easier than it was not that long ago. Taking the right path in purchasing a wig can save you time, money, and unwanted stress during this journey. Hair loss can be a very emotional experience, but not letting it control what you do, how you live, or how you feel about your physical appearance is so important for your psyche.

Whether your reason for searching for a wig is actually due to hair loss, or if you simply want to be able to choose a quick, easy, and fashionable way of presenting yourself to the world, the hair enhancement industry offers us a seemingly endless variety of wig styles and color options to choose from. The information offered below reflects only some of the real risks associated with online wig purchases.

The Online Gamble

There are real risks associated with purchasing a wig from an online store. Searching the vast sea of online stores brings you an overwhelming array of pretty pictures featuring wigs that 99.999% of which won’t be the right selection for you. Options are always good, but finding the right human or synthetic hair wig for you, from an internet company far, far away can be not only a challenge, but a gamble as well. Opening your package and trying on a wig that will very likely not be right for you whether it’s the incorrect style, color, or fit can be really disappointing and really stressful. We call it, “The Surprise in a Box.”

surprise gift box


  • The Right Wig For You: In order to achieve the confident and flattering image you are looking for, there are variables that should be considered. The most expensive, luxurious wig in the world will not look right on you if it doesn’t work with your face shape and skin tones. Your success in purchasing a wig and ultimately satisfaction of your purchase, will greatly depend on selecting a proper wig that compliments your features. An online wig dealer cannot help you in this area. Only a well trained in-person wig expert can assist you in this area.
  • Choosing a Style: There are many really attractive models wearing gorgeous wigs in almost every style imaginable, and unfortunately seeing it on your computer monitor or cell phone is completely different than seeing it in person. Professional wig models are selected because they have the unique ability to look amazing in every wig they are wearing.
  • Choosing a Color: If you viewed the same wig on two or three computers (or mobile devices), they would all convey something visually different color-wise to the reality of the actual wig color. It is almost impossible to really know what the actual color (or color tones) of a wig actually is without seeing it in person.
  • Sizing: Measuring your own head and guessing as to whether or not a wig you see online will fit you properly isn’t the best idea. If you are at all concerned about comfort and confidence in your wig staying securely in place, it is vitally important for the ability to actually try on the wig before purchasing. Having the availability of a wig professional make adjustments for you is also imperative to ensuring a proper comfortable fit. Once again, an online wig seller cannot help you with this.

The Elite Difference

Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, helping you choose the right wig the first time is a source of pride. Whether we are restoring a past image you want to recapture, or simply updating your current look, your certified, licensed and experienced Elite Staff Member is here to assist you, make professional recommendations, and guide you to the wig that will bring out your very best features. If you are looking to have your dream wig 100% completely customized specifically for you, we can help you realize that dream.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions provides a complimentary consultation appointment in a professional office environment that is guaranteed to be pleasant and stress-free. Our Elite Guests enjoy extreme privacy in our six fitting rooms and as always, professional fittings and education on how to care for your new wig are included free of charge with every purchase. Don’t gamble on “The Surprise in a Box,” contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today and experience the caring, personal service you deserve.