Virtual Reality Hair

Tired of being bald? Now, with Virtual Reality, you can stop thinking about how much hair you have or don't have. Virtual Reality is the complete, totally custom solution. Most importantly, it's the most natural-looking hair replacement solution for permanent male hair loss available anywhere.

Virtual Reality. Real Results.

Virtual Reality Hair is a non-invasive hair-graft system that achieves great hair by replacing the natural process that's been interrupted – active growth. At the heart of it, natural shedding that is no longer followed up by natural regrowth causes hair loss. Each hair that's lost doesn't get replaced. Virtual Reality gives Elite's hair restoration specialists the opportunity to quickly and painlessly add new hair where it's failing to grow back.

Great Hair That Travels

Virtual Reality no maintenance hair men With Virtual Reality Hair, there's no home maintenance at all. You get full service from the experts at Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento. And our network of concepts studios all over the country will provide you with service wherever you travel. Virtual Reality is the only network that offers service at over 80 Certified Virtual Reality Concept Studios at no extra charge. Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists is the exclusive Sacramento area provider of Virtual Reality technology.

100% Natural Human Hair

A successful hair restoration program begins and ends with great hair. That's why the Virtual Reality Hair system uses 100% natural human hair. Ideal for men with active lifestyles, you can swim, shower, ski, sweat, and play high-impact sports without anyone detecting your secret. In fact, Virtual Reality is so much like your own hair, you'll forget you ever had a hair loss problem. You'll have a full head of natural hair and the style you want after your first session. Our skilled team of hair restoration professionals will create your favorite style and give you tips for keeping it looking great every day.

A Miraculous Membrane

All the beautiful, natural hair in the world won't get you anywhere unless you have a great way to hold it in place. That's where the key to the Virtual Reality hair replacement system comes in. It's a uniquely thin, flexible, second-skin-like surface that allows us to replicate natural hair growth patterns. Since the base is so thin and natural, it adheres smoothly with no ridges or bumps. It is literally undetectable to the human touch.

The magic is in the details.

Like with other non-invasive hair graft systems, real 100% human hair is strategically placed with impeccable attention to detail. Each tiny graft is implanted into the completely smooth and undetectable membrane. In skilled hands, the Virtual Reality membrane holds in place the full head of hair you've been hoping for. The result is the most complete and natural-looking hair restoration solution you'll find anywhere.

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  • Alan's Testimonial

    I used to spend time getting ready in the morning worrying about my hair, and now I get to spend time getting compliments.

    Alan – Denver, Colorado

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