It's not often that a woman comes into the Elite Solutions Sacramento CA studio for the first time knowing that she wants a custom wig. When that happens, she's seen a great custom human hair wig or synthetic wig in person and knows all about them. Most women don't have the luxury of female friends who are open about the hair loss experience. If you're experiencing hair loss and have never seen a wig (that you know of), the important thing is to keep an open mind. In the world of modern women's hair replacement, there are actually wigs to get excited about.

Achieving the right wig is a process.

How is anyone supposed to choose a wig? The answer is with expert help.

The goal isn't to pick a wig or to find one that exactly matches your hair. Designing a wig is a personalization process. First we find what's comfortable. We match your choice of replacement hair types – synthetic or human – to your natural hair or the hair you want to have. We take measurements. The perfect wig according to those criteria is purchased or ordered. When we receive it in the studio, you'll come back in and we'll cut and style it. We'll also help you understand how to get the in-salon look by yourself at home.

Your privacy is our priority.

Privacy is understandably many women's first concern when they want to find out more about wigs. Thanks to the Internet, there's plenty of information available, but at some point it's impossible to tell which sources are credible. Google doesn't give you the opportunity to ask the kinds of personal questions that might really impact your decision. At Elite Solutions, we believe you deserve privacy. That means complete confidentiality. Everything about your interactions with us is private, including all care, consultation, and the treatment you receive. Our low-profile location, in a discreet professional building, ensures that your visit to our studio won't let anyone in on your hair loss problem.

Excellent wig options are available featuring human-hair or synthetic-hair. The choice of replacement material is completely up to you. We invite you to explore our stellar array of world-class wigs.

Human Hair Wigs

A natural consider for many women with complete or permanent hair loss, human hair wigs deliver total realism because they are real. Options include treated or untreated hair, a plethora of natural colors, and styles for all ages.

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Synthetic Wigs

If the idea of a "synthetic wig" sounds awful, but please keep reading. The human-engineered wig materials we work with have characteristics that actually improve upon hair rather than imitating it. If you have a sensitive scalp or need hypoallergenic or especially resilient materials, a synthetic wig might be the best way to restore your hair. Ask your Elite wig expert about our heat-friendly synthetic wigs!

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