Natural Advantage

After decades of waiting for women's hair-restoration technology to catch up, there are finally a plethora of high-quality, natural-looking hair restoration options for women to choose from. These days, restoring great hair after hair loss is less about finding the right product and more about finding a talented team. Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento is, at heart, a world-class team of seasoned hair-and-beauty professionals certified in Trichology and the delivery of numerous branded solutions. Whether you're interested in Natural Advantage hair or any of our other top-tier hair-loss solutions, we hope you'll sit down with us for a complimentary consultation to determine whether we're the right team to create your new hair style.

Natural advantage hair is instant, painless hair restoration.

Like Folligraft and a few of the other systems we work with, Natural advantage hair is among the latest and most natural-looking non-invasive hair restoratives available for men or women. The system achieves results by way of an incredibly thin membrane in which small grafts of perfectly matched, real human hair are embedded. There are, however, a few things that set Natural Advantage at Elite Solutions apart.

The Benefits of Natural Advantage

These are some of the reasons we use Natural Advantage to resolve hair loss for some of our female clients.

  • It uses only 100% natural real human hair.
  • The results are guaranteed.
  • It delivers complete confidence and security.
  • It's quick and painless.
  • Your scalp shows through naturally.
  • It can resolve any degree of hair loss.
  • The system is secure and doesn't have to be removed at night.
  • The hair looks, feels, and extends from the scalp just like growing hair.
  • You can visit any Natural Advantage studio in the US for touch-ups.
  • Results are guaranteed.

Natural Advantage provides guaranteed results for women experiencing any type of hair loss. Call Elite Solutions today to find out if this or another of our personalized options might be the best way to restore your hair. Call us now at 916-635-4433.

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Women's Hair Loss Solutions

  • D.J.'s Testimonial

    I am such a fan of Elite Hair Loss Solutions. I have been going there since 2006. Everyone there have been so helpful and they go out of their way to accommodate you. I like the fact that while your hair is being serviced you are in a private room and no one knows the type of service you are receiving. Out of all of the salons that I have gone to this is the only one that got it right.

    I am over 50...due to age my hair is thinning...the owner recommended a product that would stop my hair from thinning and will regrow my hair. After 2 months and 10 days of using the product (faithfully) I noticed a big difference where my hair was actually thicker.

    I absolutely love my Elite stylists...they are TRUE artists. My hair has never look this great. Well worth the money. I highly recommend Elite Hair Loss Solutions!

    DJ...A Customer For Life :-). - Mountain House

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