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Treating the scalp is one of the most underrated opportunities for preventing hair loss. If you have a hair or scalp problem, it's important to take action on the cause by adopting a targeted scalp treatment program. Capilia's comprehensive Head First program gives us proven-effective options for every hair-loss problem under the sun, and that includes scalp-specific treatments. While some formulas, like topical thickening and hair regrowth products, can be used at home, others must be applied by a professional. This is the case with each of our powerful in-studio scalp treatments.

Intensive In-Studio Treatments

Head First Scalp Treatment Women

Many scalp conditions can be treated or stopped, so it's important to take targeted action. Our Scalp Facial Treatments not only work wonders for problematic scalp conditions, but also feel like a relaxing, therapeutic spa treatment! The responsibly sourced Capilia Essential formulas are 100% free of polymers, silicones, and preservatives. These options are especially helpful for women whose hair loss has been caused by chemotherapy, pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies, or other stresses to the body. All products are proudly developed, formulated, and manufactured in Canada by Laboratoire Nature for Capilia Certified Studios.


At Elite, we can help you stabilize, purify, and detoxify your scalp to improve any of the following scalp ailments:

  • Alopecia (Aereata, Totalis, or Universalis)
  • Chemotherapy and cranial radiotherapy
  • Cradle cap treatment
  • Dry, brittle or dull hair
  • Dandruff
  • Dry or oily scalp
  • Eczema scalp treatment
  • Hair loss in men
  • Itching scalp treatment
  • Psoriasis scalp treatment

Dolce Vita Care. $150.
In addition to hair loss, Chemotherapy and Cranial Radiotherapy cause sensitive skin and an itchy scalp. The Dolce Vita Care topical treatment delivers deep hydration to calm the skin and relieve these uncomfortable side effects. It provides immediate comfort and a lasting sense of well-being.

Seasonal Care. $150.
Seasonal Care was created to help your hair through its natural shedding process. It detoxifies the scalp and clears away weak and dead hair to leave room for new growth. The treatment works like a facial for your scalp that removes dead cells, product residue, and debris. It also delivers a vitamin cure to naturally stimulate the growing process.

Glam Care. $150.
It's common to pamper yourself by giving your hair a new look, but Glam Care goes a step further. It's luxurious in both look and feel. This rich hydrating treatment repairs hair shafts that have been damaged by over-processing. It restores beauty, shine, and volume to revive your hair from root to tip

Pure Care. $150.
All topical treatments at Elite Solutions are specially formulated to be gentle and 100% natural. Pure Care uses the restorative power of these meticulously selected natural ingredients to cleanse and detoxify the scalp. Thanks to natural hair and skin processes, as well as external products, debris and residue build up in the hair follicles. If they're not cleared away from time to time, these deposits can suffocate new hair growth. Pure Care is a topical cleansing treatment that you can feel good about.

Your hair and scalp work together.

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp conditions, and we are Sacramento's exclusive Capilia Certified Trichology Specialists. Our Trichology approach ensures that your hair isn't considered – and therefore treated – as completely independent of your scalp. The reality is that the hair and scalp are inextricably linked. You can't impact one without impacting the other. For this reason, it's vital that your hair restoration program incorporates scalp analysis and care.

Our Scalp Facial Treatment methods for women include:

  • Treating skin conditions on the scalp
  • Blocking DHT when hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia
  • Exfoliating to remove debris
  • Cleansing to clear blocked follicles
  • Promoting increased blood flow
  • Reinforcing existing hair health
  • Stimulating new hair growth

Great scalp conditions can prevent hair loss.

Your scalp can provide clues to the reason your hair is thinning, and that's why we start looking at it on day one. Finding a scalp condition during the client's initial consultation can be great news. If hair loss is being caused by a woman's scalp, it can often be reversed. Even if your scalp isn't totally to blame for your thinning hair, improving its health can go a long way toward restoring your hair and style.

To be sure your scalp is contributing to your solution and not causing your hair-loss problem, it's important to talk with a Trichology trained professional. Call Sacramento's certified hair and scalp experts at 916-635-4433 to schedule your free consultation.

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  • D.O.'s Testimonial

    Elite Solutions is an excellent salon for anyone seeking a solution to thinning hair for any reason. They offer many different approaches to solving hair issues, with knowledge that's hard to find elsewhere. I've been coming here for many years, and will continue to do so. I'm delighted with how my hair extensions feel and look, and consider myself fortunate to have discovered them. I highly recommend them for all hair problems, whether you just want more or longer hair, or have health or genetic issues resulting in loss. You won't be sorry for contacting them, they're very understanding and compassionate to those of us who have less than perfect hair!

    D.O. – Sacramento

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