Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth Products

Want to do everything you can to fight hair loss?

Hair Loss Prevention is a way of life at Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento, and it's a big part of the culture that we create. Part of our responsibility is to share with you the things that you can do at home to get the best results from your naturally growing hair. Understanding how hair loss works and how hair grows enables you to intervene and control the things that are genuinely in your hands.

Think Head-First!

Topical Hair Regrowth Female One of the most important and frequently neglected parts of hair loss is the scalp. Since it's hidden under your hair until hair loss becomes severe, your scalp can be easy to overlook. Hair is literally rooted in the scalp, and that's where the all-important follicles are located. Reduced blood flow, poor follicle nutrition, skin conditions, and even residue from hair products can all prevent new hair from growing to its potential. If you're experiencing thinning or hair loss, exploring conditions in your scalp should be one of your first priorities. That's why scalp care is part of every personalized Head First hair and scalp treatment program we create.

At-Home Improvements

Our in-studio topical treatments are amazing, but we can't do them every day. Nothing supports the results of your hair plan like consistent at-home treatments. Our take-home product line, exclusive to Capilia studios, uses only natural ingredients to heal and improve your hair and scalp. This carefully targeted all-natural line balances moisture in the scalp to improve dozens of ailments. The benefits don't just heal existing problems; they also maintain hair and scalp health to prevent future hair loss.

Our Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth products for women has multiple benefits.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Cleanses and detoxifies
  • Prepares the scalp for other treatments
  • Eliminates barriers to hair growth
  • Hydrates and nourishes your existing hair
  • Prevents scalp irritation
  • Improves results

Protect Your Investment

It doesn't matter if you're working to keep your growing hair, to reverse early thinning, or to preserve the look of replacement hair. Having a healthy scalp can only improve the look of your hair. Protect your scalp and every hair on your head with gentle, nourishing Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth shampoo for women, conditioners, and styling products. If you make an investment in restoring your hair, these formulas will help give you your greatest chance for success.

Head First Product Lineup

Get Expert Guidance

While we're happy to share our products and solutions on our website, it's important to keep in mind that you won't have to make any decisions on your own. Call Elite Solutions today at 916-635-4433 for your free one-on-one consultation with a dedicated hair-loss specialist.

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  • Kirsten T's Testimonial

    I have received your scalp treatment service twice and it is amazing! My dry scalp and irritation were pretty prominent, itching all of the time with a very flaky scalp, and even after just one treatment my scalp wasn't itchy or flaky AT ALL for about 3 days and then after that, I just had a little irritation once or twice a day until it was time to wash. The texture of my hair has also really changed for the better. It feels so much softer now, and my shedding has been cut by about 75%! The Capilia products are worth every penny and probably the only ones I will use moving forward. I wash normal and massage a healthy amount of the conditioner into my scalp and let it sit before rinsing. It has a beautiful smell and tingles when you let it soak in. I would recommend these treatments to everyone, but especially to anyone suffering from an itchy or dry scalp. I thought scalp irritation was something I just had to live with since I wasn't getting any helpful advice from the professionals I saw. The steroid cream my doctors prescribed did NOT work for me and everyone else just told me to wash my hair more often. My friends and family have noticed a change in my hair but most importantly I feel so much better and happy I can wear my hair down again without worrying about flakes or coarseness. Thank you so much Elite Solutions! You guys really provide top-notch services utilizing the best technology and product quality in everything you do.

    Kirsten T – Sacramento

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