Hair Loss Prevention

We take a big-picture approach to hair loss prevention.

At Elite Solutions, we're not just a spa or a hair-restoration studio. Equally as important is our role as a resource for hair loss prevention. In fact, we're Sacramento's only Terapo Medik certified Trichology center. If you have existing hair that could be retained, we'll place as much emphasis on prevention as we do on making additions and creating style potential. The choice between your naturally growing hair and replacement hair is always yours.

Women's Hair Loss Prevention Options at Elite Solutions

For every client's personalized hair-restoration program, we carefully select a blend of solutions based on their potential to resolve that individual's unique hair loss problem. These are some of the tools we have available and might incorporate to prevent your hair loss from progressing.

  • Thorough Hair & Scalp Analysis
  • Education & Lifestyle Changes
  • Treatment of Scalp Conditions
  • Laser Therapy
  • Revivogen DHT Prevention
  • Take-Home Topical Thickening & Re-growth Products

Prevention is better than a cure.

Womens Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss prevention starts with what we can do today, but it extends to what can be done over time to preserve your natural hair for as long as you want it to stay in place. The best hair restoration plan is to prevent hair loss altogether. As Trichologists, we help our clients slow down, reverse, or resolve their hair loss. The earlier you visit our studio for your initial consultation, the more likely we are to be able to reverse thinning or save the hair you still have.

You're not alone.

If you've done all you can and your hair is still thinning, schedule your free consultation with a dedicated Elite Solutions hair-loss prevention specialist. You can trust our team to find you real answers to your hair loss problems. No matter what solution turns out to be right for you, hair loss prevention will be considered every step of the way.
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  • Elaine V's Testimonial

    My hair was thinning to the point my scalp was visible on top and on the sides. I went to Elite Solutions after finding it on-line. My goal was to purchase a wig. Then I met and talked with Dana who recommended scalp treatments for me. I had been told that due to my age my hair follicles were likely dead. I had considered medical procedures (Hair Follicle Regeneration) to promote growth. I started the scalp treatments with Dana. After just two treatments my dry, naturally curly hair came to life! I decided to buy the "at-home" serum and products. Soon, I cancelled the appointment for medical procedures and purchased the laser cap made by the company that developed the scalp treatments. To make a long story short, after seven months, I have my hair back. No longer is it "see-through"! The thickness has increased by at least 40%. The wig is in a box. Not only are the products WONDERFUL, but these are people who care. They listen to your concerns, they evaluate your scalp, and they are committed to helping you find just the right solution instead of just selling you some products that don't work like many salons you can go to. I plan on staying with these treatments and products. I believe in another 7 months, I will have even thicker hair. It is already shiny and in soft, healthy curls. But you have to USE the at home tools too if you want the best results! I wish I had started these treatments 25 years ago! If you have thinning hair in your family, don't delay! Thank you Dana and everyone at Elite Solutions. Thank you!

    Elaine V – Sacramento

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