Responsible hair studios recognize that the hair and scalp are parts of the same system. A problem with one requires attention to the other. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we use In-Studio Hair & Scalp Facial Treatments to provide intensive care for specific scalp conditions. Since the scalp can promote or get in the way of new hair growth, we'll consider scalp treatments as we build your personalized Head First program. If you have a scalp-related hair loss condition, these gentle (but powerful) and affordable treatments can have a big impact on the condition of your hair and scalp.

Do you have an upcoming series of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments? If so, we can help relieve the scalp dryness and discomfort caused by these therapies. Visit Elite Solutions, Sacramento’s only certified Terapo Medik Trichology center, before treatment starts. We’ll prepare you with unique hair and scalp wellbeing care products, as well as the information and management resources you need to add a little bit of comfort to your treatment experience.

When used consistently, topical treatments can work wonders for the hair and scalp conditions that cause hair loss. Our Capilia at-home topical thickening and regrowth products are specially formulated from natural ingredients to stabilize, purify, detoxify, and heal the scalp. These all-natural clinically formulated products improve your results by healing your scalp, clearing away debris, promoting growth, and protecting your hair. It's the Head First way to take control of your hair loss.

Revivogen goes one step further than traditional DHT blockers. This 3-step program, created by a dermatologist, inhibits both of the molecules that combine to create DHT. Without DHT in the body, genetic hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia is neutralized.

At Elite Solutions, we create hair-restoration programs that create real change. In cases where thinning or hair loss is caused by the hormone DHT, laser hair therapy can magnify the results of other non-surgical solutions. Laser hair restoration protects hair follicles from the damage caused by androgenetic alopecia, and in some cases this therapy is sufficient to reverse and prevent hair loss.

Doing everything we can to prevent hair loss from progressing is part of our responsibility to every client. You can count on the Trichology-certified specialists at Elite Solutions to help you keep your natural hair healthy and free of damage.

Whether you’re a woman faced with the early stages of hair loss or you simply fear that genetic hair loss is part of your family line, there are steps you can take right now to prevent it. Through the field of trichology—that is, the science of the follicles and the scalp—hair restoration innovators have developed some proven and effective tools to ensure you have a healthy head of hair. One of the simplest and most effective of these solutions is the Havogen 5 patch, developed by the world-renowned scientists at Cesare Ragazzi. We are proud to deliver this exclusive hair loss solution to women at Elite Hair Solutions.

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