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What Can I Expect When Purchasing a Wig from Elite Solutions?

We are Sacramento’s only high-end boutique wig shop that features licensed professionals who are certified in world-class hair restoration methods. When selecting your Raquel Welch Grand Collecton Wig at Elite Solutions you can expect friendly, personal service from highly trained Hair Loss Specialists who are passionate about your image and committed to your complete satisfaction and emotional well-being.

Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento offers a much more intimate atmosphere than a typical retail strip-mall wig store. We cordially invite you to a customer experience that promises compassion, discretion, and decades of expertise at our private 3000 sq. ft. hair loss solution facility. Consultation appointments and professional customization of any wig or hair replacement purchase is always complimentary.

Can I get a wig right away?

In a pinch, yes. It depends on what you're looking for. Most women who choose to wear a wig do it for the high quality, durability, natural look, and style of a personalized wig. Getting exactly the right hair match, hairline, density, volume, sizing, and other specifications requires a few intermediate steps. We do have some very affordable, out-of-the-box wigs available at Elite Hair Solutions. You can try them on during your visit so you know firsthand all the details that are most important to you. Once you see what's possible with a custom wig, you are likely to choose that very personalized option, which takes a few weeks to be made just for you.

What’s the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs?

Both are very natural looking and have unique benefits. Human hair wigs are a first choice for many women who have never worn a wig before and feel uncertain about wearing synthetic hair. Since a 100% human hair wig will look, feel, dry, style, and behave just like your growing hair did, it can be an easier transition. Some women, however, swear by synthetic wigs. They're more diverse in their features. Some are made from specially engineered manmade hair that's stronger, lighter, and more durable than the real thing. Others retain color longer or can stand up to extreme heat during styling. Most synthetic wigs are hypoallergenic, which is perfect in the case of an allergy to hair or medical treatments that make the scalp extra sensitive.

We're happy to guide you through all of your wig options (there are so many!) when you come in for your free consultation, where you can see, feel, and try on the wigs that might work for you.

How are other methods of women’s hair restoration different from wearing a wig?

A wig is a full-coverage hairpiece made up of a base (the cap) and a replacement hair material. Wigs are great for women who want to replace all of their hair, either because they've lost all their growing hair, or because they'd rather cover their existing hair than add new hair to it. Most wigs are meant to be worn only during the day and should be removed at night.

Most other methods of hair restoration involve keeping the existing hair visible and adding more hair to it. This is done in a lot of different ways, many of which attach new hair directly to the growing hair. These include weaves, extensions, and integrations, but the way they are attached by hair restoration specialists is very different from the way fashion extensions are applied at a salon. The goal is to keep and protect your existing hair, so we don't use methods that cause damage to it.

Another completely different method of hair restoration can be used to add to existing hair or to create a completely new head of hair. This is called a non-surgical hair graft. Where hair replacement surgery involves implanting hair follicles in places where your hair has been lost, the non-invasive graft uses a micro-thin, transparent base that's medically bonded to your head. The grafts of hair (of any replacement hair you like) are embedded in the base to give the look achieved by surgical grafts, without the pain, expense, or down time.

Can I wear my wig all of the time?

Most wigs should not be worn while sleeping. If you want around-the-clock hair but have or have been considering a wig, we can help. A custom CNC hair prosthesis or non-surgical graft can get you the confidence and security of a wig, without the need to take it off at night.

Can I style a wig like my natural hair?

You totally can. It's important that you tell your hair restoration specialist as much as you can about what you hope to do to your hair. We have special wig materials that can stand up to normal at-home styling or extreme techniques. Some of them can be dyed and retain color better than others. Some materials might be more fragile but offer non-style-related benefits. How happy you are with your wig depends on how well we're able to deliver what you want, so talk to us about style in your consultation.

Why am I losing my hair? Can I stop it?

This is another one that totally depends on your unique situation. If you're a woman experiencing excessive thinning or shedding, schedule a hair and scalp evaluation right away. It's vital to find out the reason for hair loss as soon as possible to rule out the possibility that it's the symptom of something more serious. Finding the exact reason for your thinning allows us to pinpoint the solutions that will work the best to slow, stop, or reverse your hair loss. Also, catching the cause early gives us the best potential to save your existing natural, growing hair.

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  • Kathi B's Testimonial

    Elite Hair Loss Solutions’ hair restoration service has changed my life! I’m very active in my personal and professional life and I no longer worry about my hair loss and my outlook on life has soared. The cost for Elite’s excellent services fit my budget and is worth every penny and then some!!

    Deb is very sweet and her technical expertise is outstanding. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair! If hair loss is adversely affecting your life, know that there are phenomenal solutions available. Call Debby, she can help you!!

    Kathi B. – Sacramento

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