Synthetic Wigs

Sensitive Scalp or High-Impact Lifestyle

While the appeal of natural human-hair wigs is easy to see, the reasons some women choose synthetic-hair wigs are less obvious. In certain circumstances and depending on specific priorities, you might actually require more from your hair than the real thing can provide. If you're hard on your hair and could benefit from more durable, flexible, just-about-everything-proof hair, that's now an option.

You don't have to be hardcore to need better hair.

Women who experience hair loss related to chemotherapy or other medical treatments can benefit from the lightness and breathability of synthetic hair. Many women whose scalp conditions are irritated by materials used in human-hair wigs turn to hypoallergenic manmade materials to provide greater comfort. Some women can even be allergic to hair altogether. In that case, synthetic options provide the only alternatives to total baldness.

We believe in making a difference.

We consider ourselves blessed to have the opportunity to put our artistry to work for our women clients. Each custom wig project is a challenge that lets us mimic nature at its best to counter biology's hair-eliminating quirks. Stellar-quality synthetic wigs made from specially engineered hair make it easy for our team to give nature a run for her money!

Our Spectacular Synthetic Wig Collections

Raquel Welch wigs are known for their striking natural style and carefully considered details. Made from manmade materials, these synthetic wigs are specially engineered to be ultra-light, exceedingly comfortable, and hypoallergenic. To find an affordable wig with massive style potential, we encourage you to explore synthetic wigs by Raquel Welch.

Elite Solutions proudly presents the Fall 2018 Raquel Welch Signature Collection Brick & Mortar Exclusives. These six brand new beautiful, never before seen Raquel Welch designs are available in store only and are not available through any online retailer!

If you're considering a wig, it won't be long before you hear the name Jon Reneau. A world leader in the development of specialized synthetic-hair wig options, this family-owned company is well known for delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Their unique synthetic-hair wigs are created to meet the needs of actual hair wearers who asked the company for more innovation. If you're looking for a wig that offers something special, a Jon Reneau just might be the answer.

Modern synthetics from Henry Margu deliver manageability and realism, along with superior color and curl maintenance. In his more than 50 years of experience in hair restoration, Henry Margu has developed an exclusive technique for giving synthetic hair the soft and silky feel of human hair.

Synthetic replacement hair from Envy mimics the qualities of healthy natural hair but can withstand very high temperatures. The hand-tied materials in Envy's synthetic-hair wigs are gentle enough for even the most sensitive or irritated scalp. With these wigs, our team is able to provide the look of all-natural hair at a fraction of the price.

Do you prefer a shorter hairstyle? Other wigs can deliver it, but Gabor Wigs were made for elegant, classic, close-cropped styles. With nearly 100 color tones and over 60 unique styles, Gabor is the go-to resource for short-hair wigs that deliver exceptional lightness, volume, and comfort.

If concern about natural look, feel, and motion has kept you from considering a synthetic hair wig, we have a new option for you. Celebrity-inspired wigs by Hairdo Fashionistas create lifelike coverage with all the features of naturally growing hair. At the same time, they allow for remarkable style thanks to engineered resistance to heat, moisture, and natural elements. The results you get are both natural looking and jaw dropping.

Our new medical wigs were developed in partnership with Oncology centers across the country to create a better wig option for women's medical hair loss. While hats, turbans, wraps, and other head-coverings provide options, they're not an ideal solution. This incredible line of medical wigs considers comfort first. They're light and gentle on the scalp so that a natural-looking wig can be an option, even on a very sensitive scalp.

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