Jon Renau Smartlace Human Hair Wigs

Jon Renau Smartlace Human Hair Wigs Like Elite Solutions, Jon Renau is more than a hair-replacement company. Their mission is to enhance the life of each individual who uses their products. For women whose hair loss causes them concern about their hairline, their part, or their hair's natural appearance, we often recommend Jon Renau's Smartlace wigs.


Smart Construction

The Smartlace line of natural human hair wigs has the perfect name. While lace has long been used to make the bases of high-quality wigs, it has its drawbacks. Lace is fragile and can rip or tear very easily, and that gives it the potential to become an expensive wig material. Jon Renau Smartlace wigs solve this problem by combining a more durable (but also undetectable) material at the back of the hairpiece, with lace on the front and on the hairline. Each strand of hair is secured by hand to the base to ensure it flows and moves naturally while staying secure.

Incredible Hair

The benefit of Smartlace is a wig that lasts and lets you part your hair however you want. It gives you more style options than other types of wigs without having a top-of-the-line price. Every visible detail is carefully considered to create a natural look that won't reveal your replacement hair. Jon Renau is one of the hair providers we trust to responsibly source the finest, most beautiful hair from around the world. If you haven't found the lifelike realism you've been looking for in a wig, visit Elite Solutions to see and feel our Jon Renau Human Hair Smartlace wigs in person.


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Human Hair Wigs

  • Eleanor's Testimonial

    I am a cancer survivor and I have lived with Alopecia and hair loss for more than 15 years. It wasn't until I discovered Elite Solutions that I truly found my answer when dealing with my hair loss. From my very first visit, Patty - my stylist, - made me feel very comfortable and has always met my needs.

    Eleanor – Fair Oaks

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