Jon Renau Human Hair Wigs

The Jon Reneau Company grew from a small family business in South Africa to a leading international wig designer in just a few short decades. Human Hair wigs by Jon Reneau are among those that give us complete confidence in offering them to our clients. Their exquisite hair quality and complete attention to the customer experience ensure that nothing is lost between the creator and the wearer of each beautiful human-hair wig.

We're happy to work with Jon Renau wigs and hairpieces at Elite Solutions for a million reasons that can be narrowed down to one – quality. Though every woman's hair loss is different, if a Jon Renau wig is right for you, we can count on these 100% Remy Human Hair wigs to make you happy with your hair again. The hardest part is often choosing one style!

Establishing Trust since 1969

Jon Renau Human Hair Wigs The Jon Renau company has been around for more than 40 years, and they've been carefully listening to their customers for all that time. While the rest of the hair replacement industry ignored women's hair loss or tried to make men's solutions work for women, Jon Renau was paying attention to the heart of the problem. Decades later, their commitment to every customer's individual experience shows through in the details of each wig. In today's competitive women's hair-restoration field, they still stand out for their innovation in directly addressing the needs of women experiencing hair loss.

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