Several years ago, we introduced our Elite Guests to the wonderful world of Trichology, which has given us an invaluable set of tools that are specifically designed for every hair loss issue and scalp ailment you can imagine. If you suffer from itchy scalp, androgenetic hair loss, alopecia aereata, totalis, or universalis, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, dry or oily dandruff, our clinically tested Trichological products and services are the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the paramedical science of hair, hair loss, and scalp diseases and the assessment of causes and treatments. While we are not doctors, we have extensive, specialized training and certifications by licensed Trichologists. As hair loss professionals, we are the bridge between cosmetology and dermatology, and we have a unique skillset and ability to provide detailed information about your hair loss.

Trichology & Dermatology

While we have the utmost respect for the dermatological field, the average dermatologist does not typically have this specific area of training, expertise, or the resources to offer natural based solutions that will create meaningful improvement for your hair & scalp problem. We always recommend that anyone concerned about atypical hair loss take the initial path to visit a physician to receive an actual medical diagnosis which we cannot offer. The next step is to receive a microscopic hair & scalp analysis and assessment from Trichology trained professionals. This is highly advisable and, in some ways, even more important.

Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers so much more than the standard steroidal or Rogaine regimen that a dermatologist will most surely prescribe. We can provide a significantly more diverse and effective regimen of situationally specific protocols to assist you with your scalp and hair loss issues that are not available at any dermatological office and do not contain adverse side effects. Though you will receive valuable information from both visits, you will see a vast difference between your dermatologist visit, and your hair and scalp health assessment with Elite Hair Loss Solutions.

Capilia Head First & CRLab Trichology

Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers not one, but two separate exclusive Trichology certifications. Capilia Head First products are naturally formulated and manufactured in Canada by Laboratoire exclusively for Capilia Certified Centers.

Capilia Head First

Our CRLab Trichological products from Bologna Italy features plant stem cells, gemstones, essential oils, plant extracts, and pharmacological small molecules and created for a wide range of specific hair and scalp problems. None of our clinically tested, naturally based products produce unwanted side effects!

Slowing down or stopping your hair loss is our primary goal, but enhancing and protecting your biologically growing hair is first and foremost. This is achieved by designing a personalized hair loss prevention program based on your hair and scalp problem. Your Elite Hair Loss Solutions Trichology trained staff member will make specific recommendations from the results of your Tricotest, PH test, microscopic hair & scalp analysis, and detailed questionnaire. In addition to shampoo and topicals, other therapeutics may be recommended including TricoGlam Laser Therapy, Head First Scalp Treatments, and the Havogen 5 patch. We have never had so many effective tools to combat hair loss, but adherence to protocols is the secret to your success.


Take Action to Address Your Hair Loss!

At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, you can always expect that you will receive an expert evaluation about your hair loss, personal service, and phenomenally advanced restorative solutions. Whether you are experiencing hair loss or a scalp health related problem, our highly effective and exclusive Trichological products and services can inhibit the progression of your hair loss and scalp issue.

Timing is of the essence! The sooner you take action, the better the chances that you will save hair follicles that are actively dying off. In other words, the longer you wait, the advancement of your issue is much more likely. Let the Trichology Certified experts at Elite Hair Loss Solutions help you find the answers and solution you are looking for. Our Capilia Head First, and CRLab Trichology services are exclusive and can be found only at Elite Hair Loss Solutions in the Sacramento area. Contact us to schedule your private, risk free hair and scalp health assessment today.