A Hungarian scientist was using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in research in 1967; the research was not related to hair growth. He had shaved the hair off the backs of mice in the area he was treating to better observe results. Half the mice received LLLT and the other half did not. The hair in the shaven area grew back much quicker on the mice receiving LLLT. As with many discoveries, this was found while working on a completely different research program.

A vast majority of physicians and medical experts agree that LLLT can be very effective in combating male pattern hair loss. The overall health and condition of the hair in the treated area has also been noted to improve by experts in the field. Unlike the use of most topical hair regrowth serums, there are no side effects from the use of LLLT. For best results, you need to receive 2-3 treatments per week and each treatment should last 20-30 minutes.

LLLT is also referred to as a cold laser because there is no heat involved so there is no sensation felt on the skin and absolutely no irritation. There is considerable evidence that the use of LLLT can actually reverse follicular apoptosis (programmed cell death). Testing has determined the exact wavelengths, intensity and power necessary for optimal stimulation for hair growth. This really is a safe, pain-free way to combat male pattern baldness with no side effects.

It is always best to consult your physician and seek the advice of a qualified hair restoration expert before commencing a treatment program.

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